Scripture Reading:  3 John 3- 6 

The scripture says, “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life . . . .” (John 14:6)“Those who love their brothers and sisters live in the light, and so there is nothing in them that will cause someone else to sin.” (1 John 2:10)  By the special grace of God Gaius was one of the early converts and John said this of him, “I was so happy when some fellow Christians arrived and told me how faithful you are to the 

truth —just as you always live in the truth.” (V3)  Truth was in Gaius; he walked, believed and lived in the truth.  Leadership in any Christian community required three attributes —trust, love and service; Gaius possessed these virtues.  He demonstrated his alignment with the truth of the gospel, when he rendered unselfish help to strangers and other Christians.  St. John says, “My dear friend, you are so faithful in the work you do for fellow Christians, even when they are strangers.  They have spoken to the church here about your love.” (Vs. 5 —6)  Beloved in Christ, can this recommendation be made of you in your local church community or the locality where you live?  Can fellow brothers or sisters vouch for your love, simplicity and dedication to the things of God?  St. John in V.12 says, “Demetrius (one of the converts) is well spoken of by everyone —and even by the truth itself.  We also spoke of him, and you know that our testimony is true.”

Dear friend, when people speak well of you, and the church speaks well of you, it confirms that you are a free man and that truth is found in you.  Scripture says that anyone who does what is good is from God, and anyone who does what is evil has not known God.  If you are from God, it means that God is proud of you and you live in the light of Christ. Beloved, let people’s testimony confirm the truth in you as was the case of Gaius.  When the truth is in you, Satan the prince of darkness cannot find foothold in your life. As you come to the end of the year today by the grace of God, desire to seek holiness of life more seriously even in the coming year.  Let your actions, thoughts and ways of life, starting from now, depict the person and character of Jesus Christ.  In Acts 4:36 —37 scripture says, “And so it was that Joseph, a Levite born in Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means encourages), sold a field he owned, brought the money and handed it over to the apostles.”Truth was in Barnabas; he lived in truth and walked in truth.  Today, he is one of the celebrated heroes of faith.  Beloved, let truth guide your daily life, as from now onwards. Let it be your watchword, wear it as a garment as you patiently await the coming of our Lord.  John Kanty concludes today’s reflection this way, “Fight against all opinions that are contrary to the truth but let your weapons be patience, gentleness and love; for violence besides injuring your own soul, harms even the best of causes.”

1 Jn 2: 18-21; Ps 96: 1-2. 11-12. 13 (R. 11); Jn 1: 1-18 CHRISTMAS WEEKDAY/ SYLVESTER I, PP
Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for this last day of the year 2016 with praises and thanksgiving.

2. Pray for the spirit of truth to descend upon you (Take seriously).

3. Pray for your local church community that truth shall be the guiding principles of the Clergy and laymen.

4. Pray for Priests, Pastors and other men of God that God may grant them the grace to walk CONTINUALLY in  truth in the coming year 2017.

5. Pray for all who despise truth for falsehood, that the Holy Spirit may enlighten their hearts.

6. Pray for all users of Daily Strength that as we go into 2017,they may be imbued with the spirit of truth, love and care.
Exercise:  Take the “Rosary of Liberation” once today.
Memory Verse:  3 John 12