Scripture Reading: Psalms 144: 9

The life of man is imperfect and limited. He does not have everything he needs at his beck and call; though he works hard to provide some of his needs, man ends up not getting all he desires. This imperfect nature of man is compounded by the fact that he lives in a world that is imperfect. Man suffers lack in his being and in his environment. This is the helpless situation in which he finds himself; he needs the help of a higher being than him. Since man is imperfect, he needs a perfect being; since he is mortal, he needs an eternal being and since he is incomplete, he needs a self-sufficient being. Man needs God to survive and to be truly human. God in His infinite love created man, even when man derailed and offended Him, God redeemed man in His love. God is ever present among men, taking care of human needs and intervening in human situations. He is also immanent, because He sustains and holds all He created. (Acts 17:28) Beloved, the human life and the whole of creation owe their existence and sustenance to God; for without Him none of them could have come into being and none will continue to exist. 

Songs are sounded to acknowledge the person or the deeds of the one the song is rendered to. When we sing a song to the Lord, it is simply a way of taking our proper place with Him; it is a way of acknowledging our need for God. Cut off from God, we can do nothing (John 15:5) for our life and being come from Him. Therefore, when a Christian renders a song to the Lord, it is a way of acknowledging the person and supremacy of God over man. Beyond acknowledgement and recognition of God as God, songs become a medium to say “thank you” to God for the favours received and the blessings hoped for. It is an expression of our faith in God since with songs, we praise Him for the favours yet to be received. Singing can lead to a good understanding of the mood of the person who sings. It is not enough to praise and acknowledge the person and deeds of God in our songs, our songs are also gospels and testimonies we bear to humanity. When we sing songs of praise to God, it is a way of showing how we feel for the favours already received and those we still hope to receive from God. It could help to understand what our attitude and conviction is towards God. That is why it is not just enough to sing, it is very important to ask “what type of song do I sing?” Wars can be chanted in songs, grief can be expressed  in songs, and words of jealousy can also be composed into songs. But these should not be the song of a Christian. The Christian song is a song of prayer and praise. Songs should be offered in praise to God for who He is, for what He has done, and the things He will continue 

to do in our lives. This is the Christian song.  Songs are also a veritable means of prayer. Since with songs of praise we acknowledge the person and deeds of God, we can also assert that these songs help to foster a better relationship with God through prayer. “He who sings well, prays twice —qui bene cantat, bis orat” is an invitation by St. Augustine for the Christian to go into a deeper relationship with God through songs of praise. A Christian life of praise is a Christian life of prayer.  In Psalms 144:9 we are invited to sing a new song to the Lord. This has very many implications in the life of a Christian. It is an expression of hope to receive something new. If the Christian lives a life of praise, that means he/she must have been praising God for the favours received. But since something new, something unique, something never received before is granted from above, the Christian is invited to make a new and unique song unto God. It is only proper that a new song graces the new favour. (Mk. 2:22, Mt. 9:17) New songs can also be rendered unto God for the rare and uncommon favours we hope to receive from Him.

Dear user of DSD, you are invited, today, to rise up in praise and worship to your Creator. He needs it because that’s what moves His heart and hands to act. Praise to Him is an expression of faith and at the same time, it is a leap of faith. Let us, therefore, identify with God in our songs of praise and let us be united to Him in our life of praise.


2 Jn 4-9; Ps 119: 1. 2. 10. 11. 17. 18;(R.1b); Accl Lk 21: 28; Lk 17: 26-37 


Prayer Points:

1. Take as many songs of worship as you are prompted in your spirit and as time permits to worship God. 

2. Thank God for the gift of creation and praise Him for the gift of your life.

3. Thank God for the salvation granted humanity in Jesus Christ.

4. Thank God for the personal favours you have received.

5. Praise God for the rare favours you hope to receive from Him. ( Mention them and believe.)

6. “Thank You Lord for the world You have wonderfully made. Thank You Lord for I am wonderfully made. Thank You Lord for the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord for all You have blessed my life with. Thank You Lord for everything.

Exercise:  In your prayers today, make it purely a prayer time of praise.

Memory Verse: Psalms 40:3