To have a spirit-filled and fruitful fasting period, the following should be noted and adhered to

  1. The Fasting commences on the 4th – 27th of January, 2021 (Excluding Sundays 10th, 17th & 24th).
  2. The expected duration of the fasting is 6.00 am to 6.00 pm, however, individuals are free to break at their convenience. Fast according to your strength, health and preference.
  3. Participants are encouraged to join the communal Roundoff held Daily at 6:00 pm to break the fast, stream online at
  4. All participants should book A 3-DAY MASS, for their intentions.
  5. All Participants must take the ADDITIONAL PRAYERS FOR THE 21-DAY FASTING in DSD SECTION B every day of the 21 days.
  6. Prayers during the 21-day programme are not limited to the prayer points provided in DSD, you are required to pray beyond the prayer points given in DSD. Pray as you are inspired by the reflection of the day and based on the burden of prayer put in you by the Holy Spirit.
  7. All participants are encouraged to sow the seed offering in faith (minimum of NGN 1,050). Click here for more details on how to sow your seed offerings.
  8. On Sunday 7th February 2021 users are to organize and observe DSD user’s thanksgiving in their Parishes/Dioceses; to thank God for the blessings and grace received during the programme.
  9. Our 21 -day fasting and prayer programme has both community and personal dimensions. Its personal dimension involves having a covenanted quiet time with God. So, each participant should observe at least 30 minutes of quiet time daily preferably before the Blessed Sacrament or privately. During this covenanted quiet time, you are to study the scripture passage of the day, meditate on it and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you through it. Then use the message of the day to pray, let your prayer points/request be inspired by the word of God