Scripture Reading: Psalms 51:17

Thomas a’ Kempis exhorts us thus: “Glory not in riches, if you have them, nor in friends, because they are powerful, but in God, who gives all things, and desires to give Himself all things. Do not take pride in your ability or talent, lest you displease God, since every natural good quality and talent you have were given by Him.” We must get the house in order! We need some Nathans to rise up in this hour to bring the unadulterated Word of the Lord to the house so that our sinful hearts can be broken and our repentance sincere and pleasing to the Lord. There is another level of brokenness awaiting those longing for God. It is a holy breaking, a breaking leading to refinement and purity. It is a breaking that is breath-taking to the Bridegroom. I am not speaking of a depression or an emotional breakdown, but a breaking for the things of God. It is a breaking longing to remove every barrier, every hindrance and every other lover that would take affection away from our first Love. It is a brokenness for the things that God loves and the things that He hates. When we surrender to that process, the promise comes forth. The word broken in Psalms 51:17 means to break, to burst, to break in pieces, to break down, to smash and to shatter. Interestingly, this word is also used to express the moment of bringing to birth. As we meditated on this entire revelation, we begin to see individuals broken before the Lord surrendering their lives whole and entire to the ways and things of God. Let me declare to you as someone who knows the brokenness all too well, there is beauty in the breaking! For those hearing the call, yield to the process. For those in the middle of the breaking, do not abandon the process, no matter how ugly and uncomfortable it gets. For those who have come out on the other side of a season of breaking, keep surrendering to the process. Those who will break will bring to birth the things of God.

MASS: VIOLET Is 58: 9c-14; Ps 86: 1-2. 3-4. 5-6 (R.11ab); Accl. Ps 95:7d-8a; Lk 5: 27-32

Prayer Points:

1. Take the song: “Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me”.

2. Take the prayer: “Spirit of the Living God” in “Amen: It is Done” (pg. 22).

3. Take the prayer: “To Obtain Love of God” in DSD, Section A.

Exercise: Take the “Rosary of Divine Mercy”.

Meditation: Psalms 38:18.