Scripture Reading: Exodus 33:7
They stood inside the entrance to their tent doors while Moses approached the tent of meeting outside of the camp. Their gaze was fixed upon the back of Moses as he made his way to that first tabernacle. He was going with one purpose and that was to meet with the Lord face to face. The tent of meeting had been pitched by Moses and it was a prelude of the tent to come. It was for everyone who desired to seek the Lord (Exodus 33:7).
Its location required a person to come closer to the Lord, leaving no distance between them. The cloud, the presence of God, can be seen descending upon the entrance of the tent after Moses had entered while the people worshipped from their tent doors. It breaks my heart because I see people who were content in “knowing” about the Lord from a distance while someone else pursued His presence on their behalf. We are not so different today.
I have been camped out in the Book of Exodus lately. Without going into great detail, I have been in a time of personal reflection and drawing closer to the Lord. There has been an ache that I cannot ignore and the deep calling unto the depths within me. It is a dissatisfaction to not remain content where I have been with God and to press into His Presence with total abandonment, no matter the cost.
I have that burning desire to meet with Him, to turn aside to that burning bush and to be consumed by a jealous God. Yes, the glory is wonderful and the manifestations are amazing, but when it is all said and done, I am after Him, His nature as well as the essence of the Great I Am. St. Peter Celestine says, “To speak heart to heart with God, you must love to be with Him alone.”
This is why my heart breaks when I read of the account in Exodus 33. There was a contentment to have another seek Him on their behalf while enjoying the benefits of His goodness and worshiping from a self-prescribed satisfactory distance. This is the epitome of peripheral worship. The Israelites were situated on the edge of glory and yet besides Moses, no one else other than Joshua is mentioned as venturing into that tent. In fact, it is stated that Joshua would not leave even after Moses had left. He lingered. That is what His presence does; it will cause you to linger and to want to know Him even when others do not want to come close. It was in one of these moments within the tent that Moses asked to see God’s glory.
Acts 9:1-20; Ps 117:1-2 (R.Mk 6:15); Accl Jn 6:56; Gosp Jn:6:56-59 WEEKDAY OF EASTER
Prayer Point:
1. Take the prayer, “A Daily Consecration to the Holy Ghost” in “Amen: It is Done” (pg. 21).

Exercise: Visit the Blessed Sacrament; in silence sing some worship songs.
Meditation: Psalms 84:2.