Scripture Reading: Exodus 33:7
Moses refused to worship from a distance because He had been with God up close and He wanted to know Him. I wonder how many of us worship from a safe distance, not realizing that our perception of the Lord is affected by the distance that we establish between us and Him. Peripheral worship is easy and non-transformational. It is comfortable and self-seeking. There may be a longing to worship, but the fruit bears the manifestation that someone has spent time in His Presence. When you distance yourself from God, you remove intimacy and fellowship with Him. You remove the liberty that is available through Christ to come boldly before the throne of Grace.

You are forever changed when you come close to Him as His radiance imprints upon you. Intimacy becomes a habitation instead of a place for a mere visitation with the revelation that you are the tent which the Lord desires to make His home; His resting place. Standing from a distance costs nothing, but coming close beckons everything. Coming close leads to vulnerability of hidden things, things that need to be purged and changed and rearranged while distance leaves us comfortable in complacency and sin. There are many who want the glory of God, but they want it while they stand at their tent doors, allowing others to obtain it for them while they remain in a compromised existence. It doesn’t work that way. Relationship requires something of us all. It requires more than lip service, but a heart fully faithful to the Bridegroom.

I encourage those who have worshiped from a safe boundary to come close to Him so that their ills will be exposed, destroyed, and that they may be set free. He is worth it, regardless of the cost to your pride, your flesh or to your comfort. He is worth it all. Personally, I want to linger in His Presence and to want Him more than the air in my lungs. Hear Thomas a’ Kempis, “Without Jesus, a Christian is an abyss of misery, For Jesus was given to us by the Eternal Father to be the way.” I want to be His holy habitation, welcoming a personal purge of what does not please Him and leaving no distance between us because distance leaves a gap for something else to have my affection.

Acts 9:31-42; Ps 116:12-13.14-15.16-17 (R.12); Accl Jn 6:63c, 68c; Gosp Jn 6:60-69 WEEKDAY OF EASTER St Anslem Bp. & D. (Opt Mem)

Prayer Points:
1. Let’s join Thomas a’ Kempis in saying, “O my most lovable Jesus, I beg You to be sole object and supreme good of my soul. Grant that animated by Your spirit, formed by Your example, faithful to Your grace and docile to Your inspirations, I may live for You, of You, with You and through You. Amen.”
2. “Jesus, source of life, sanctify me. O my strength, fortify me. My Master, guide me.”

Exercise: Visit the Blessed Sacrament; in silence, sing some worship songs.
Meditation: Psalms 73:25.