Day 5 of the 5-Day Fasting and Prayers

Scripture Reading: Acts 5:17-21

Today, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Archangels. As we round off this five-day prayers and fasting, we honour and implore the assistance of the Angelic hosts in our vigil taking place at St. Theresa Catholic Church, High Level, Makurdi, Nigeria. We dedicate today and the night to the ministrations of the Angels. We call the Angelic hosts of heaven to move into operation so that the promises of God to us will come to pass.  Every divine mandate and declarations made into our lives during these five days of fasting and prayers must be enforced by the Angels tonight in the name of Jesus. Hebrews 1:14 emphasises thus, “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” Angels have often been involved in giving help to mortal men, such as feeding Elijah in the wilderness (1 Kings 19:5-6), protecting Daniel from the lions (Dan. 6:22), delivering Hezekiah from the Assyrians (Isa. 37:36), and freeing Peter from prison (Acts 12:7-10). Angels are heavenly ministers sent to serve those of us who will inherit salvation.  Angels were constant attendants during the earthly ministry of our Lord — they came to Him in times of distress, peril and want. An angel announced His birth (Luke 2:9-13), and ministered to Him after His temptations in the wilderness (Matt. 4:11). When He knelt in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, angels came and strengthened Him (Luke 22:43). At His death, they stood guard over His tomb (Luke 24:4), and after His Resurrection they made the glad announcement that, “He is not here, but is risen!” (Luke 24:6). These same Angels are out this night to bring to pass all God’s promises to you. So, listen and be alert.

MASS: WHITE Dan 7:9-11; 13-14 Or Rev 12:7-12a; Ps 138:1-2a.2bcd-3.4-5 (R. 1b) Accl. Ps 103:21; Jn 47:51

Prayer Point:

  1.         Take the “Prayer to Release Angels”, by Kimberly Daniels: “Jesus, Your word declares that angels intervened in the lives of human beings.  Father, I thankYou for the hosts of heaven that are operating on my behalf.  Make me sensitive to the existence and presence of angelic beings.  There are more angels working for me than there are demons working against me.  Lord, I thank You for opening my eyes to see the angelic hosts and chariots of fire circling my situations to fight on my behalf.  In the name of Jesus, I release the angels of prosperity on my behalf.  Because I walk before the Lord, the angels of the Lord will prosper my ways.  Lord, I thank You for angelic intervention in my dreams.  Let the same anointing that was on Jacob be on me to dream dreams of angels.  Father, I thank You for Your spiritual ladder that comes from heaven to the earth.


Exercise: Join us at St. Theresa Catholic Church, High Level, Makurdi, Nigeria for the vigil.


Meditation: Psalms 91:11