Scripture Reading: Matthew 13: 44 -46

The dictionary defines a “treasure” as something that is highly valued by its owner. Today, Christ likens the Kingdom of Heaven to a treasure found in a field and to pearls of very high value. Let us look closely at these parables and see what message our Lord is passing across to us.

First, in both parables, there are some efforts on the part of the person who finds the treasure. The first parable shows that the treasure is hidden in a field. Hence the man who found it must have put in lots of effort before discovering where the treasure was hidden. The same goes for the second as the merchant is described as looking for fine pearls. Hence, he did not simply stumble upon the pearls of great value. He was in fact looking for them.

Secondly, in both parables, the persons who find the treasure and the pearl have to sell all they have in other to buy the valuable treasures they have found. Hence the treasure and the pearls are much more valuable to them than everything they have. The kingdom of Heaven is really a treasure. It is the reason for our creation.

The grace of becoming God’s children which we receive at baptism is a free gift. However, we still have our role to play if the gift of our faith is to truly become a treasure for us. If we do not sincerely seek to grow in our relationship with God; the grace of our divine sonship would mean nothing to us and we can easily become carried away by this world. As we increase our knowledge of God through His word, we come to treasure His kingdom above all things and only then can we truly give up all in this world for the sake of our eternal happiness. Have you found the greatest treasure of all? What are you doing in order to obtain it? The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC546) says,“…Through His parables, Jesus invites people to the feast of the kingdom, but he also asks for a radical choice: to gain the kingdom, one must give everything…”

MASS: GREEN 1 Cor 9:16-19.22b-27; Ps 84:3.4.5-6.12(R.2); Accl Jn 17:17ba; Gospel Lk 6:39-42

Prayer Points:

      1.   Lord Jesus, please help me to recognize the great treasure of your kingdom and strengthen me to live out the fullness of my faith so as to obtain the gift of eternal life You have promised all who seek You. Amen.

2.         Lord God, my King, I surrender myself to You and pledge my loyalty to You as your loving and obedient servant. May your kingdom fully come with all effect and force in my mind and heart in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

3.         Holy Father, I beseech You to guide, protect and rule me and keep me ever faithful in the service of your Kingdom in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

4.         Dear Lord, may your Kingdom be established in all places., and may You be enthroned in the heart of all DSD users as their Lord and Saviour, Amen.

Exercise: Meditatively take the Song “I have decided to follow Jesus”

Meditation: 1 Corinthians 9:24-25