Scripture Reading:  Luke 8:22-25

As we progress in our walk with the Lord, there are certain experiences that God may sometimes call us into, just as the Master invited the disciples to come into the experience of the other side of the lake. This call may sound casual, just as it was when the Lord invited the disciples, but the experience and its effects   are lasting. Just like it was with the disciples’ experience, there are greater manifestations of the power of the Master at the other side of the lake. Yet to get there we must have to row across the lake.

At the onset, it may appear to be a jolly ride and so we relax and enjoy the sail and maybe have some scuffles and arguments with fellow disciples and in the midst of many seemly necessary activities, we forget the one who has called us to the trip.

 Oftentimes, the seasons when the Lord desires to take us for a trip to a greater experience of Him; our focus tends to shift away from Him and begins to bear on other things. At this point, we begin to ignore and trivialize our constant fellowship and communication with the Master, and the result most times is that He falls asleep in our spirit. His voice becomes vague, our consciousness of His presence with us wanes and our ability to engage His ever present help fails. This is always the time when the storms of life unleash themselves against us. The breakers roar, the surges rave, the wild winds blow and the angry wave slaps at our now fragile failing boat.

Because of the suddenness of this rude interruption to our jolly ride we are most times unprepared for these attacks and we find our confidence and faith shaken.

The devil never wants us to step at the shores of the other side of the lake, because he knows that at that end, we will destroy strongholds which he has built and maintained for many years. The captives and the bounded are let loose at the other side of the lake, legions and mobs of demons are cast out of lives at this other side.

Beloved, there is great victory awaiting you at the other side of whatever challenge that you are presently going through. This present situation you are encountering in your home is nothing but the rage of the devil to keep you from continuing in this trip with the Master into victory. Perhaps you may have shifted your attention to other things other than the Master. Perhaps you may even have been giving undue attention to the devil and may have been trying hard to resist Him by your own ineffective words, why not hurry to the Master and refocus on Him and hear Him speak to the storms. Don’t waste much time, remember it’s a trip with the Master. You aren’t alone on this boat, the Lord is with you and He is ever ready and able to carry you through. He deeply cares.

MASS: WHITE/WHITE Heb 13: 15-17. 20-21; Ps 23: 1-3a. 3b-4. 5. 6; Mk 6: 30-34 BVM

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the Lord for today’s word.
  2. Thank the Lord for including you in His invitation to greater experience.
  3. Father, look with pity upon all users of DSD, sustain, keep and grant them the grace for a dedicated life in You. In Jesus name Amen.
  4. O Lord, bless all DSD financial partners and distributors. Grant them good health of mind and body.

Exercise: Think of all the situations where you have ignored the Lord’s help and call Him to help you.

Meditation: Jer. 33:3