(Day 3 of the 5-day fasting/prayers)

Scripture Reading: John 2:1-2

Our scriptural reading says “On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.” As we enter the third day of our five day fasting and prayer, we bring, in a special way all those looking for life partners to the throne of grace, asking the Lord to grant that their own wedding day will take place in the name of Jesus. A sister who is in her 30’s once asked, ‘When will God give me my husband?’ Some believers are getting frustrated as regard their challenges in getting a spouse. As such, many are praying ‘O Lord give me a life partner’. However, experience has proven that there various reasons why some persons are aging, yet are still single. The reasons varies from bad and unsociable characters, demonic spell, generational curse, evil covenant, divine anger, divine call, etc. whatever maybe responsible for your lack of life partner, such yokes of disappointments, no suitors coming, whatever it is, against all evil odds, your wedding will take place in the name of Jesus.

Child of God, without denying natural/logical reasons for being ‘unmarried’, there are some spiritual dimensions to the problem. Some persons are already married in the spirit realm. Yes, they are married to invisible sexual spirits which can molest and torment them, and make their life a living hell. This may be why some people find themselves having sex in the dream. Sexual spirits that attack women are called incubus and those that attack men are called succubus. This problem of evil spiritual marriage is a universal one. Most people are suffering in silence. If this type of invisible marriage is in place, it will be difficult to “meet” or keep the right life partner.

Prayer Points:

Start with praise worship. Praise God and worship Him with songs.

  1. Confess your sins to the LORD and ask for His forgiveness. Confess the sins of your ancestors and ask for His forgiveness.
  2. Ask Him to wash you clean with the Blood of Jesus. Receive His forgiveness with thanks. And declare that you forgive yourself as well.


  1. Pray for the success of the Cross-over program at the Holy Family Catholic Church, 22, Road, FESTAC, Lagos, holding Thursday June 23rd to Saturday 26th 2016

Exercise:  Join us for the 2016 Cross-Over program holding at the Holy Family Catholic Church, 22, Road FESTAC, Lagos.

Memory Verse: Isa. 54:17