1.            Give God thanks for His promises that are indeed yes and Amen. Thank Him for bringing you into marriage and sustaining your union

2.            Worship the Lord God for His abilities and capabilities. Adore Him for being the more than able God. Worship Him for being a faithful promise keeper. (in your own words, appreciate Him for His promises that faileth not as we meditate on the song below). SONG: He Is able abundantly able…

3.            Declare: this is my set time, the due time to be friutful, my time to become a mother/father to my children is now, my set time to testify is now. I rejoice in my set time in the mighty name of Jesus

4.            You are the God of my fertility. I pray and hold faith to your word for a supernatural conception and healthy full pregnancy. I beg that You plant a seed into my womb (my wife’s womb) Lord. Not just any seed, but a holy and healthy seed of God.

5.            Father forgive any sin I have committed which may also be a hinderance to my conception… (Confess every known and unknown sin; Ask God to forgive you)

6.            You said to go forth and be fruitful. So God, I ask this day that You open my womb, so that I can bring forth a child and even children. Just as You opened the womb of Sarah after so many years, I believe that You are and will do the same today. I have the faith that You will keep Your promises to Your children. I know You will quench my desire. Lord, even as Hannah was without a child, You give her a son after her prayer unto You. You heard her supplication. And this day I know my prayer will not be void unto You but it will be heard and answered. Lord, even as you remembered Rachel and she conceived, listen to my prayers and me and my family. Enable me to conceive and bare child.

7.            Thank for father, for answering my prayers, in Jesus name. Amen