Scripture Reading:  2 Kings 6:8-23

Blessed James Alberione opens today’s reflection with these statements: “Jesus wants to live in us!  Our being, so to say, has to disappear, that is, our thoughts have to disappear so that his thoughts may become ours.  Our desires and feelings have to disappear because Jesus wants to replace them with his and implant his heart in us.  Our entire will has to disappear, all our evil tendencies, all our actions that are human, because Jesus wants to put his will in us.”St. Paul writing to the Ephesian Christians said, “For this reason I fall on my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth receives its true name.  I ask God from the wealth of His glory to give you power through His Spirit to be strong in your inner selves . . . . that Christ will make a home in your hearts through faith.” (Eph. 3:14 – 17)  Elisha having received the double portion of Elijah’s anointing, operated in the power of the Holy Spirit and enjoyed intimacy with the Father; to the extent that he could hear or know what the king of Syria planned against Israel.  Beloved, for believers who have made their hearts a home of Jesus; whose entire will has disappeared for the will of Christ, nothing shall the Father hide from them.  The word in Amos 3:7 becomes real in their lives.  Elisha’s knowledge of all that the king of Syria planned angered him (king), but there was nothing he could do because like St. Paul says, the Father had, through the wealth of His glory, given power of vision, discernment and prophesy.  Unlike Elisha, his servant on seeing the Syrian troops, their horses and chariots all around Dothan, exclaimed, Alas:  What will we do?  Like many Christians today, his eyes were spiritually blind until Elisha prayed that his spiritual eyes be opened to see the legions of heavenly armies and chariots surrounding them.

Today, the Holy Spirit advises us always to pray that God delivers us from spiritual blindness and open the eyes of our

hearts to see more clearly the spiritual reality of God’s kingdom and its hosts. (Eph 1:18 – 21)  Secondly, every believer should know that God’s ministering spirits are not far off, but are very close, (Gen. 32:1 —2) observing the actions and faith of God’s children and working on their behalf.  Beloved in Christ, every believer should know that the real battle we face is not against flesh and blood, it is a spiritual battle against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12)  Therefore, we should, as Blessed Alberione said in our opening statement, surrender totally to God, develop a father/son or father/daughter relationship so that at all times, his heavenly armies are around to defend us.  As you meditate on today’s reflection, the Holy Spirit therefore assures you of the following:

  • The One fighting the battle for you is mightier than those attacking you and your battles of life are temporary, but your victory is eternal
  • Your sufferings are for a brief moment, but your glory is everlasting
  • Your battles on earth are earthly, but your celebration which is heavenly shall come of the Father of love and compassion (Rms. 8:18)

Dear friend in Christ, God is your Shepherd and shall not allow you to be destroyed.  His eyes run through and fro and round about you and nothing can by any means hurt you.  Your God is good and all powerful!


Is 35: 1-6a. 10; Ps 146: 6-7. 8-9. 9-10 (R. Is 35:4); Jas 5: 7-10; Mt 11: 2-11 THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT


Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song.
  2. Pray meditatively with Psalm 91:1 —16.
  3. Make this declaration seriously and with faith:

“In the name of Jesus I bind and cast out all familiar spirits that try to operate in my life.  I bind and rebuke devils in high places in the name of Jesus.  Let every spirit hiding from me be exposed in the name of Jesus.

  1. Thank God for prayers answered.

Exercise:  Discuss this reflection with someone today.

Memory Verse:  Romans 8:18