Scripture reading:Psalm 126:1-6

Welcome to God’s word for us today. Growing up, we are taught to appreciate that God is good. We were taught to believe that God is kind, compassionate, loving and impartial. In fact, God is good. These are truths, facts and realities which cannot be disputed. But one of the greatest mistakes often made is that God’s goodness, kindness, compassion, and impartiality are measured based on man daily life experiences.

We often use physical or material successes to assess how good God is to us. This is a fatal error. We will greatly fall into grave error when we use the happenings around us to test the validity of these wonderful attributes of God. And already many children of God are falling into this great error. What has the conditions of life made God to become in your life? This explains why some believers make very unpalatable comments against God when situations arise.

A Christian brother had to condition God by giving Him a time line by which his prayers can be answered, without which he would quit studying the bible or prayers. A Christian sister gave God condition of the sex of baby that she wanted to have and when she could not get that, she concluded that God was unfair to her Similarly, a Christian sister feels that God is not fair to her because no suitor was coming after she had kept herself undefiled. Man is persuaded to strive more for the satisfaction and salvation of the body; but God is concerned about the soul. The salvation of the soul is of more value to God than the salvation of the body. Spiritual success is more of valuable to God than material successes. Today the Holy Spirit warns believers against dangerous attitude growing among believers. Simply because I am not riding a wonderful car, then God is not good to me. Beloved, that your neighbour has children while you do not have any, does not in any way mean that God loves him more than you. Most often believes are heard saying:“it is as if God is too slow to act. God does not want to help me let me try another place”. Dear Child of God, desist from using “calamity” or “celebrations” to judge who God is. The devil has capitalized on this and one of the things he does is to make us feel that God is behind our calamities. Believe in the sincerity of God. St. Francis de Sales says. “He who seeks only glory of God finds it in poverty and in abundance”

MASS: WHITE1 Jn 2: 3-11;Ps 96: 1-2a. 2b-3. 5b-6(R. 11a); Lk 2: 22-35CHRISTMAS WEEKDAY/ THOMAS BECKET, BP, MT

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for the message of today.

2. O Lord help me to always trust in our unfailing love no matter what is happening to me.

3. I believe in your power to save O Lord(7 times)

4. Pray for all users of DSD for the grace to be part of the 21-day fasting starting 2nd January, 2018.

Exercise: Be careful about the kind of distrust forming within you about God.

Meditation: Isaiah 43:2-3