(Day 3 of the 21 Days Fasting)

Scripture Reading: Philippians 3:7-9
Tragically, many of us today are treading the path that will make us spend eternity without God; because
they have decided to live without him here on earth. The Lord who loves us so dearly says to us, on this
3rd day of the fasting to focus on His Risen Son, abandon our evil and worldly ways, and come to follow
Him. As He advised the rich young man, there is more to life than eating and drinking or pretending to be
what we are not. God knows us and wants us to seek Him with our whole heart. The more we live in the
light of eternity the more our values change. Use your talents, possessions and time more wisely to the
glory of God. There will be the inner concern to place a higher premium on your relationship with God
and improved character; instead of seeking fame or wealth or achievements or even fun. Your priorities
are reordered and this state enables you to see clearly the vanity and the nothingness of this world. Hence
St. Paul concludes, “But all those things that I might count as profit I now reckon as loss for Christ’s sake.
Not only those things; I reckon everything as complete loss for the sake of what is much more valuable,
the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord…

Beloved, the fact of life reveals to us that our lives here on earth is not all there is to life; therefore, we
cannot afford to live the way it pleases us. We cannot continue to indulge in total self-centeredness
because all rebellious actions have serious consequences hereafter. A truth we must never forget: Death
does not terminate our existence, rather facilitates transition into eternity. In this new life, all our actions
-good or bad- are judged by our Creator. Hence, A Christian writer wrote, “Every act of our lives strikes
some chord that will vibrate in eternity”. We must therefore keep our vision of eternity alive in our minds
and its value in our hearts.
Most times we only remember eternity during funerals, thereafter, we are carried away by the frivolities
and pleasures of this world. This is often as a result of so much attention we pay to our bodies, possessions
and worldly attractions. Passing through life unprepared for eternity with God is indeed the worst
MASS: WHITE 1 John 3:7-10, Psalm 98:1,7-9ab, 9cd (R.3cd); John 1:35-42 SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON,
Prayer Point.
1. Let us join Thomas a Kempis in this prayer meditatively, “My Jesus, cure me of the desire of
wishing to know everything. Infuse in me a great care for my eternal salvation. You will judge me on what
I have done towards my salvation and not on whether I have a perfect knowledge of the art and human
sciences. O Lord give me and all the faithful the grace to know, to esteem, to love and to practice the
virtue of humility. Amen.”
Exercise: Endeavour to sow your seed of a minimum of N1,050 and take the 2019 Seed-sowing Prayer in
DSD. Also Remember to take seriously the Rosary of Divine Mercy at 3′ O Clock and Prayer Based on the
Beatitudes in Section A of DSD (Scheduled for 2nd to 8th January)
Meditation: 1 John 2:17.