This issue has been resolved with the new update. Users may not experience this any longer.


To view the table of contents in your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), tap the book once, while it is open in the book reader.

If you are having challenges viewing the entire page of a book, use the ‘Aa’ menu at the top right corner, change your reading orientation from Vertical scrolling to Horizontal scrolling, you will find that option at the bottom after clicking the ‘Aa’ icon on the top right. This will allow you scroll through a page by scrolling down and to change page you swipe left or right.

Please also ensure you are using the Latest Version of the DSD Mobile App. We update frequently.

If you need more information, please contact us

  1. through the ‘contact form’ (the contact form is located in the ‘envelop’ icon inside the ‘Contact Us’ page),
  2. email us at dsdwebservices@gmail.com
  3. or contact us on Whatsapp +2328180000432 . We reply almost immediately.

Please do not post your complains here as comments, it may take us longer time to notice.