Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 2:1-5
“Why are you looking depressed? You are looking sick! ….How can I not look depressed when the city where the tombs of my ancestors are, lies in ruins and its gates have been burnt down.” (2b-3)
Nehemiah, a cup-bearer in the court of king Artaxerxes was very sorrowful concerning the happenings in his home country. Though Nehemiah was very sore afraid, he was courageous to request the king’s permission to go and assist his people. Fear will almost always accompany an attempt to do the unusual for God. Although Nehemiah knew the human emotion of fear, the faith and courage with which he faced the king enabled God to work on his behalf. Having understood this, Nehemiah’s first impulse was to pray. So he prayed to God for help and wisdom before confronting the king.
Beloved, you have power to correct whatever is not going according to the will of God. Once the Holy Spirit is present and active in us, there is this restlessness that occurs each time Satan is on rampage in the lives of the children of God; because all forms of harassment from Satan must be halted. Nehemiah was restless and angry seeing the ruins in his fatherland. Beloved, how much pain do you have seeing the attack of Satan on your nation, families and the church? Are you just complacent, watching? Do you not think that you need to stand up in prayer against this onslaught of Satan? Note that God has placed His Spirit inside of you and therefore you have the ability, capacity and audacity to stop the dew of Satan upon your family, church or nation through focused intercessory prayers.
A Preacher narrated how God used him to uproot a tree that had prevented the flow of development in his community. He did not cut down the tree with a cutlass. He was so troubled that he went to the community and engaged himself in prayers; and through the power of God, a heavy rain fell that night and the tree fell by its own accord. Sometime ago, I went to a certain church, and I saw a lot of obituary posters with the age range of forty prevalent. Pained in the heart by this satanic onslaught, I raised up a simple prayer point: “Every yoke of untimely death in this place, be broken in Jesus name!”
Beloved in Christ, the Lord wants you to observe the evil patterns taking place in your homes, church, nations, schools, market places, and government, and to stop it with your prayer. This kind of prayer is best embarked upon by silent groaning. As you groan within, your heart is reaching out to God and the evil patterns will stop.
2 Tim 2:8-15; Ps 25:4-5ab.8-9.10.14(R.4a) Accl 2 Tim 1:10; Gosp Mk 12:28b-34 WEEKDAY
Prayer Points:
1. Thank God for this message.
2. Holy and mighty Father, I come to you this day on behalf of (list), pleading that all forms of satanic dews and sunshine leading to pain and sufferings be stopped, in Jesus name.
3. Pray for all who carry out the role of intercessions, that they may be strengthened.
Exercise: Become the Nehemiah of our age praying against every satanic ruins in our world.
Meditation: John 11:38.