Scripture Reading: Genesis 13:14 – 15

What you see determines what you get in this life. Stop seeing the present ugly situations around you and begin to see glory and beauty ahead of you, see abundance of goodies coming to you, and see men being used by God to help you in your quest for success in life. Our Master Jesus was able to endure the Cross, because He looked beyond the Cross, and saw the glories and joy that was ahead of the Cross. Your present situations cannot determine your future. Get ready for explosions of miracles and blessings if only you can see clearly what God has in store for you. Pay the price of laboring for revelations and you shall be glorified. You must see yourself as a creature of envy and not to be pitied, stop the display and the talk of your ugly situations around, talk of where you are going just as you have seen it, and believed it; and God shall bring it to pass in your life. Stop talking of where you are coming from; it is irrelevant, what is relevant is where you are going.

 As far as you can see, that is how far God can do for you in life. As such your vision of the future has great influence of what becomes of you in the future.

Without vision, there is no meaningful mission. Before any miracle can take place in your life, you must have conceived and believed it in your mind, and have a mental picture of the exact thing you wanted.The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off.” (Proverbs 24:14c). So, be careful what you meditate on, or, the picture you paint in your mind because God is always ready to do {exceedingly and abundantly above what we think.}

In Proverbs 4:23:  the scripture says, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts “because “Hewho called you will do it, because He is faithful” (1 Thessalonians. 5:24).In your mind, what have you concluded about your life? What are you seeing? If you are seeing glory, honour, and dignity then let your mind think it, see it, meditate upon it, picture it, and work in faith for it, just believe it; and it shall come to pass in your life. God is committed to perfecting that which concerns you. For the scripture says that the just shall live by faith. It is because your mind has not yet opened to this truth about God that is why you have not accessed this level of blessings and glory in the past; therefore, see it now in Christ Jesus for your life.

Where you are today, is a function of what you saw, thought of yesterday; therefore see, think, talk  and work right today and you shall see glory tomorrow. God is not a man that can lie or deceive, He is steady, sure, certain and real, He does not fail or disappoint. “God is not a man, that he should lie, neither the son of man, that he should repent: Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not make it good? (Numbers 23:19) “Faithful is he who calls you, who will also do it.” (1Thessalonians 5:24)

Your present challenges in life can be worsen by your regular negative mental pictures and imaginations through your thoughts or mindset. Your mindset has an attractive force, so, be careful what you engage your mind on as you embark on the quest for breakthrough in life.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take the Prophetic Declaration for 2016 meditatively and seriously.
  2. Tell God to restore your power to see things in God’s perspective.
  3. Pray against every evil vision and prophecies concerning you and your family.
  4. Begin to declare what the Scripture says about your future.

Exercise: Always endeavour to see things from God’s perspective.

Memory Verse: Jeremiah 1:9