Scripture Reading:  Acts 27:1 – 11 

Verse 10 of our scriptural reference says, “And said unto them Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives.”  This was the advice from St. Paul, a prisoner on board a ship heading to Rome from Palestine.  St. Paul was acting on the promptings of the Holy Spirit who knows our tomorrow from today.  But the captain and other influential persons on the ship, refused to listen and they ended up in a shipwreck.

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit advised us to depend on God in all decisions of life and not on ourselves.  Today, He reveals to us that many believers have made shipwreck of their lives, because they refused to listen to the words of truth.  The major reasons why lives are shipwrecked is impatience.  Just as the captain of the ship and others had a schedule and poised to meet up with it, so also, it is for most believers.  The truth is, when we become very impatient about an issue, we lose focus on the Master (Jesus Christ) and the sad consequence is a life full of storms and damages.  In some cases irreparable.

Sometime ago, I advised a girl aged nineteen on the need to play down on the issue of marriage until she had successfully completed her education.  Unfortunately she refused and went ahead concentrating on how to get married latest at twenty.  Of course, the idea of getting married was not bad, but her education was most important at that point in time.  Sadly, she ended not continuing with her education, and also disappointed by all the men who came her way.  What a shipwreck?The truth about life is that if we want to sail aright in the waging storms of life; believers must learn to be patient.  We must learn to wait for God’s choice and plan for us.  Do not allow the desires of your flesh to drive you into the wicked arms of wrong men or women.  Do not also allow greed and the urgent need for wealth, drive you into unhealthy business.  Never make financial decisions without consulting God because such can land you into irredeemable debt situation.  Very wrong financial decision has made so many to live lives of pain and misery.  Are you in any way suffering due to past business or other life decision?  Learn to go to God, first in all your decisions, no matter how small.  Sometimes God may say no, but that does not mean never.  He is simply telling you to exercise some patient – ‘Not now!  If you are able to listen, hear and understand Him you will find out that what He has in stock for you is worth waiting for.  God can never deceive you or forsake you.  Hear this, “He that believeth shall not make haste.” (Isaiah 28:16b).  The Psalmist concludes by saying, “Wait . . . for the Lord . . . follow his path, and he will honour you.” (Psalm 37:34).

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as led.
  2. Pray seriously for yourself in area you have been impatient.
  3. Pray for all Users whose lives and destinies have been changed due to wrong life decisions.
  4. Pray for all who today are confused and despondent about life.
  5. Pray for all Daily Strength Team, FinancialPartners and Distributors that the Lord may help them.

Exercise:  Take the prayer of Self Surrender to God.

Memory Verse:  Isaiah 28:16