Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:49

At some point in life, we all have to live out our lives in the presence of “the Jews” —a person (or people) who seek to oppose and denounce us. It seems to be a principle that the more you arise and shine for Christ, the more you will arouse the antagonism of men; men whose lives are still controlled by the human nature (self-life). Those who have not experienced the death of Christ on the Cross will attempt to resist and oppose you. They will cry out by their words and actions: “away with him, crucify him!” when  “the Jews” who seek our crucifixion confront us in our daily living, life crimsons into a cross. How do we respond to them?

Being called a Christian is not enough for a believer; but rather living out the Christ life is what makes a person a Christian and this has never been easy in any age. To be a true Christian, is to be one who when confronted by the hatred of the Jews, will not respond with hatred, bitterness, anger or enmity. A true believer will at every situation, manifest the character of Christ by His responses and attitudes. “The Jews” may confront you as an individual; whether in your place of work or even in the church, your response and attitudes towards them is what determines and shows if truly you are a believer. Whenever we respond to persecution and opposition by our own wisdom and fight back with our own strength, we deprive ourselves of the resurrection and victory that comes after the Cross. If you are such as person that resorts to avoidance or persecution and opposition by taking the line of least resistance, and never making a good confession of the character of Christ by your life, you will never be a resurrected person.

Oh how much opposition and persecution lies ahead for the believer and the general church in this generation. As God has generously poured out His Spirit upon the church again, so also the enemy of righteousness has geared up himself in his rage against it.

Beloved, as you go out today, never forget the  face of  oppositions and persecutions of “the Jews” that there is an image you must bear, a character you must uphold; the image and character of Christ who when they hurled their insults at,

did not retaliate, when He suffered,  made no threats. Instead,  entrusted himself to Him who judges justly. (1 Peter 2:23) Let this be your confession, let it be your lifestyle.


Sir 35: 12c-14. 16-18b; Ps 34: 2-3. 17-18. 19. 23 (7a); 2 Tm 4: 6-8. 16-18; Accl 2 Cor 5:19; Lk 18: 9-14



Prayer Points:

  1. Thank you Father for Your word today.
  2. I am sorry for not bearing or failing to bear the image of Jesus.
  3. Lord Jesus cause my life to be a reflection of Your true image.
  4. Pray for all members of the Daily Strength family, that God may inscribe on us the mark of ownership.
  5. Pray for all who think they have no need for God, that He may intervene in their lives.

Exercise: Encourage someone today in the Lord.

Memory Verse: 1 Cor. 15:49