Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:3-6

“Instead your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God’s sight. (v.4)

Whatever is of the greatest value in God’s sight is something that any serious minded child of God would want to give attention to. And today the Holy Spirit continues to tell us of a beauty; a beauty that transcends physical appearance, which the Almighty greatly values and which the Godhead finds irresistible.

As we had noted, it is beauty of the heart, an inner radiance of glory that glows because of the nature and state of a heart. It is beyond the ordinary and causes a life to radiate with light that has nothing to do with anything physical. What is that which gives you that glow from the inside?

 Roy Hession observed that, “humility is the glory of the creature.” According to our theme scripture, this beauty is from a gentle and quiet spirit. “This beauty of the inner man is ageless, unfading and imperishable, it is that which shines bright and attracts the attention of God.”

Beloved, there is a need to focus on adorning the inner heart of the man much more. Little wonder that when Jesus would invite men to Himself in Matthew11:28-30, the first and most urgent lesson He advertised for learning from Him was His gentleness and lowliness of heart. It is in learning these that any man or woman would find rest for their souls.

One Christian writer emphasized that men and woman who truly carry the presence of God are those who have learnt as a lifestyle this nature of Christ. This is the only adornment that attracts the presence of the Most Holy. In Isaiah 66:2, the Lord declares that His attention is ever drawn to a man with a gentle and contrite heart; a heart that is not proud nor thinks highly of itself. A proud heart is  the nature of the devil and contrary to the written word of God, God resists and opposes.

Dearly beloved, it is necessary that we give our time and heart to acquiring this beauty of the inner man. Not only does it attract God, it also attracts men and women of goodwill to us. It attracts favor and blessings unto those who have adorned their inner man with it.

Beloved, instead of complaining about the unfavorable attitude of others towards you, why not focus on building your own character and making yourself more attractive by adding this beauty to your heart? The scripture tells us that it is capable of winning even the unbelieving to God.

For those of us who claim to be Holy Spirit baptized, these virtues of gentleness and meekness should not be lacking in us because they are part of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. “It is of the Spirit of Christ and only by His Spirit can we learn it, yet we must desire it and ask Him to grow it in us.”

How would heaven rate you in this scale of beauty? Are you gentle and quiet in spirit? Or are you harsh, rash and proud inside? Why don’t we closely examine our hearts today and see if we are in dire need of this inner glow and like the women of old, depend on God to achieve it in us?

MASS: GREEN/WHITE/WHITE Gen 2: 4b-9. 15-17; Ps 104: 1-2a. 27-28. 29bc-30; Mk 7: 14-23 JEROME EMILIANI, P, RF/ JOSEPHINE BAKHITA, V

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the Lord for today’s reflection.
  2. Come to the Throne of Grace; ask for the beautification of your spirit by the entrance of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will produce the fruit of gentleness and quietness in you.
  4. Take the prayer “Stay with me, Lord” by St. Padre Pio”. (meditatively)
  5. Take the prayer by St. Ignatius De Loyola.

Exercise: Spend time with the Lord today asking Him for this adornment.

Meditation: Matthew 11:2