Scripture Reading: Joshua 24:15-17
God did not just create us, there is a reason why man was created. The sole reason is for us to glorify Him with our lives and as such we have a covenant with our Him. If then we enter into a covenant with any form of kingdom outside God, we have launched our lives into evil dedication. Evil dedication is going to the devil directly or indirectly through direct and indirect initiation. The initiation takes the form we do not sometimes expect or see as evil. Hear this story: A Christian brother took his family to his home town; when they returned from the trip, they all fell sick. The sickness worsened day after day, to the extent that he was asked to bring them back home for “cleansing”. Of course, he refused, knowing fully well that it is a trick from the devil to establish evil dedication upon his children; rather took the case to the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament. He presented the children to Jesus, and lo and behold they regained their health, mysteriously. This child of God was sure of the God he serves and escaped the initiation of his young and innocent children. Each time, we are faced with one challenge or the other for instance, health challenges defiling medications, just know there is a pressure from Satan to get hold of one’s life. How do these initiations take place? Satan establishes different kingdoms that look like solution centers through his agents; where different types of initiations take place. Activities like killing of goats, dogs, fowls, and making some incisions on the body form part of the rites towards initiation. In some cases, personal possessions such as clothes, pubic hair, etc., are demanded for. Hear this: “A lady seeking a life partner donated her pubic hair and when eventually she got married she almost went mad if not for the intervention of God”. Other activities include going to inquire about the destiny of a new-born, performing all forms of ritual sacrifices as rites of initiation of the new-born, carrying out certain ceremonial rites to belong to a group.
Beloved, today the Holy Spirit calls us to be vigilant, and not to be carried away by the deceit that take place in our society. The single reason is that the devil wants to control and manipulate lives. Many children of God are being manipulated by the enemy today because there is an opening for the devil through evil initiations. Many enter into this initiation knowingly; some on their behalf. It is time to renounce everything belonging to the devil because at Baptism we renounced every work of Satan. Pope Francis warns us, “This generation, and many others, have been led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea of evil… But the devil exists and we must fight against him.”
MASS: WHITE Songs of Solomon 3:1-4ab or 2 Cor. 5:14-17; Ps. 63:2-4.5-6.8-9(R.2b); Jn. 20:1-2. 11-18 ST. MARY MAGDALENE (FEAST)
Prayer Points
Thank God for today’s message.
Every kingdom, calling me forth for evil dedication, be silenced in Jesus name.
Every initiation made by myself or my parents, I renounce them now in Jesus name.
I ………. (mention your name) hereby rededicate my life to Jesus.
Exercise: See your Priest if you sense that you have been initiated knowingly and unknowingly.
Meditation: Joshua 24:15