Scripture Reading: Acts 14:8-15

In Matthew 10:8, God gave everyone of His disciples this mandate, “Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons.” Verses 11 and 12 of our Scriptural reference  reveals that, “When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they started shouting in their own Lycaonian language, “The gods have become like men and have come down to us!” They gave Barnabas the name Zeus, and Paul the name Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.  The priest of the god Zeus, whose temple stood just outside the town, brought bulls and flowers to the gate, for he and the crowds wanted to offer sacrifice to the apostles.”  In Acts 10:25, Cornelius unconsciously fell at Peter’s feet to worship him thus, “As Peter was about to go in, Cornelius met him, fell at his feet, and bowed down before him.”

As humans these things happen to us unconsciously and they manifest in different ways by what we do.  Some actions we display when certain things happen to us show that we have started building up a wrong confidence.  When for instance we have a spiritual attack or terrible nightmare, our minds will not be at rest until we call a man or woman of God even when we have prayed very well against such. I am not saying this is wrong, I am only advising that we watch the level of  confidence we bestow on people that pray for us.  They are to provide us with the necessary spiritual support but then let us not allow our human inclination to build up the kind of confidence we should have in God who is the main architect of our  liberations using our brothers and sisters.  A brother once told a story of how he is almost seen as a demy-god for praying for an entire  family that was delivered from poison attack.

Most times statements like these are heard: “Use the blessed water blessed by this man of God; it will work.” To some, if the water or the oil is not blessed by a particular person they won’t believe  it will  be very efficacious.  And this is the reason one can see a child of God paying as much as five thousand naira or more to buy a blessed water or oil.

Most Catholic believers run around in confusion looking for solutions when Jesus is beckoning from the Blessed Sacrament to come to Him and have rest.  Seen around our homes and premises of businesses are banners of those whom we believe liberated us instead of  Jesus Christ.  Dear Child of God, ensure that your confidence is in God because you will hardly make progress spiritually if your confidence is in man. Rather than trust them, learn from how you too can begin to fulfill the mandate of God as in Matthew 10:8.

This is what Thomas Kempis has to tell us, “And hence it comes to pass that all things avail thee little till thou take notice that I am He that delivers those that trust in Me. Nor is there outside of Me any powerful help or profitable counsel, or lasting remedy.” Hebrews 10:35 admonishes us thus, “So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!” (NLT)

Prayer Points:

  1. Take this song meditatively, “Confidence in the Lord, I have everlasting confidence. Confidence in the Lord, I have everlasting confidence.”
  2. Pray for many souls that have built their confidence and trust in men and women of God, that their confidence and trust will now be on the one true and holy God.
  3. Pray for men and women of God who are discharging the duty that God gave them, that they may be filled with humility that will enable them to say like Peter, “we are mere men not gods.”
  4. Turn Psalm 33:1-22 into prayers of praise and adoration to God Almighty.
  5. Take meditatively the prayer of St Benedict.

Exercise:  Go before the Lord in lonely place or before the Blessed Sacrament and declare His Lordship over your life.

Memory Verse:  Hebrews 4:16.