Scriptural Reading: Acts 2:24

St. John Paul 11 says, “We are the Easter people and alleluia is our song.” Easter isn’t merely an historical commemoration – it is and should be for us – a way of life. We marked our 40 day journey of Lent with fasting, self-denial and special liturgies and times of prayer. There were ashes at the beginning and palms near the end. The Triduum gathered us with Jesus at the Last Supper on Holy Thursday and at the foot of His cross on Good Friday. In grave silence we sat beside the grave of the ever-living God in deep meditation on the apparent silence of God on Holy Saturday. On Easter Sunday GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, which usher us to a new dawn of hope and joy.  We are Easter people, a people marked by joyfulness.  Jesus is raised.  He has conquered sin and death.  His victory is our victory.  His death means our redemption.  His Resurrection means our salvation. Easter should have a great impact in our outlook and attitude.  How can a person be both a Christian and frowning, wicked, unforgiving, pessimistic, sour, disagreeable, or negative?  They cannot!  These features are like oil and water.  They simply cannot mix.  Easter Christians are just the opposite:  smiling, cheerful, optimistic, upbeat, happy, agreeable, and positive. For Christians, every day is Easter!  Every day is a day to be joyful!  Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22), a trademark of the authentic Christian.

Dear friends, without the resurrection of Jesus, there will be no good news.  It is the will and plan of God, that the way we must follow is the foot step of the cross, which is the only way to the glory of resurrection. For a believer, if you can experience the Good Friday, then you be sure of Easter Sunday. In the days of Christ, a coalition of civil and religious leaders (forces) conspired to make suffering and disgraceful end to be the end story of Jesus. They employed the use of all they could to make Good Friday the end point, ‘the full-stop of Jesus’ life and story, but Good Friday was only a stepping stone on God’s design.

From the reality of Easter Sunday, God has declared his will that your life and story will not end in suffering, your end will be gracious and joyous, and the full-stop of your life will come after your glorious mystery in the name of Jesus. By the power of Jesus’ resurrection, no forces of conspiracy will be able to make your story to end in tragedy in the name of Jesus. To every child of God, I decree that your life story will end in victory in the name of Jesus. As you decide today, To Live as a Disciple of the Resurrection, let the power of the resurrection which reside in you by the virtue of your baptism be reactivated in the name of Jesus. From today onward, you shall overcome that sinful habit, you shall break loose of every power holding you down from rising, let every stone the enemies have used to hinder your advancement in your Christian life, vocation, ministry, business, career, office be rolled away by the assistance of the angels of God in the name of Jesus. By the power of the resurrection of Jesus, let every effort to deny you your joy come to nothing in the name of Jesus. St Ambrose of Milan says, “———-What gain is it to celebrate unless you imitate Him whom you worship; that is, unless you cross over from Egypt, that is, from the darkness of evildoing to the light of virtue, from the love of this world to the love of your heavenly home?”

Prayer points:

  1. Begin your prayer with this song: He is Lord, He is Lord, He has risen from the dead, And He is Lord, Every knee shall bow, Every tongue confess, That Jesus Christ is Lord.
  2. Let the Power of Resurrection invade every prison-tomb encasing my destiny and uproot my buried glory to shine again in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every heavy stone placed against my destiny, preventing the glory of God from manifesting in my life be rolled away in the name of Jesus
  4. Pray that we would have the boldness to confront injustice in our world
  5. Pray that our hearts will continue to be sensitized to the pain of those in need and that God will help us to remain committed to generous living.
  6. Pray that Christians everywhere will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be strong in the face of opposition and to share and live out their faith without fear.

Exercise: Visit those in the hospitals and prisons with cash or items and with some copies of next edition of Daily Strength Devotional during this Easter season

Memory Verse: Philippians 3:10