Scripture Reading: Psalms 35:1-8
Let’s start today’s reflection with this beautiful prayer from Thomas Kempis:“Enlighten me, O good Jesus, with the brightness of eternal light, and cast out all darkness from the dwelling of my heart. Restrain my many wandering thoughts and suppress the temptations that violently assault me.” (Take this prayer three times now) The Psalmist in our reference today cried out in vehement prayer, “How much longer Lord will you just look on? Rescue me from their attack, and save my life from these lions! They do not speak in a friendly way; instead they invent all kinds of lie about peace loving people.” (Vs 17, 20) Beloved in Christ, it is common to come across persons who can accuse you, with all vehemence of things you know nothing about. The good thing, dear child of God is that we belong to Him; His Spirit, daily gives us power and the knowledge on how to pray. Unfortunately, the only drawback is that many Christians are usually unable to pray with the kind of concentration and deep commitment that can cause the gates of heaven to be opened. What will you think of a petitioner, while having audience with the king, fiddles with his car keys? That would mean not just an insult to the king, but it also shows that he is not serious. Many Christians are like this petitioner. Of course the king cannot accept this.
Beloved in Christ, prayer is a very serious exercise and any time you decided to go to God in prayer, you must be careful not to play around. Secondly, seeking God in prayer is not a onetime affair. It must be continuous and persistent. Recall that the Psalmist cried, saying, “How much longer will you just look on? “This means that he may have been talking to God long enough to warrant him to ask such a question. The world we are is full of painful events. It is full of hardship planned and planted by the agents of evil. The world is replete with hate and wickedness. Therefore, the Christian must learn to be persistent and persevere in prayers; until God answers. Hear this, a user of DSD called to say that whenever marriage plans are being concluded, either for her son or daughter, something strange happens. For the boy, the girl starts behaving funny while for the girl, the man suddenly stops all communications. This is serious! It may be happening in your family. The Holy Spirit says, “Do not be scared, but only bring the situation before God in persevering prayer.” David did not cry once and then relapse into silence. His holy cry continued until God showered His blessings on him.
Beloved, prayer must not be accidental, but a daily business, a habit and vocation. St. Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.” (I Thess. 5:17)
MASS: VIOLET Dan 3: 25. 34-43; Ps 25: 4-5ab. 6 and 7bc. 8 and 9; Mt 18: 21-35. Optional for any day this week: Ex17: 1-7; Ps 95: 1-2. 6-7ab. 7c-9; Jn 4: 5-42.
Prayer Points:
Repeat the prayers from yesterday’s reflection.
Pray for all users of DSD who are constantly under attack.
Pray for your priest/pastors being falsely accused, that God may vindicate them.
Pray for forgiveness for all that are fond of passing false accusation on people.
Pray with Psalms 35: 1-28, meditatively and expect an eruption in the kingdom of your enemy.
Pray with Psalms 86:1-17, meditatively in expectation that something disastrous shall happen in the camp of Satan.
Exercise: Pray with Isa. 49:22-26; claim the promises and decrees therein for you and your family.
Meditation: I Thessalonians 5:17.