Scripture reading: Romans 8:5-10

Yesterday we looked at how the reawakening of the spiritual life of a child of God can make him or her realize how messy evil deeds are. Today we are looking at how the “self” is fast influencing our determination of what is good or bad, what is right or wrong. It is surprising how believers gather to argue or rationalize on the correctness or otherwise of an action. Most often we accept that something is right or wrong based on some selfish judgement. For instance, a parent whose child is involved in the act of extorting money from people (419) may argue that it is not sinful but an act of smartness.

Today the Holy Spirit asks us to stop forthwith any form of rationalization of our actions. Let our prayer always be: “O Spirit of the Living God teach to know what is wrong and what is right.”Pride and selfishness are the two vices that suppress the influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The spirit that drives a man is the spirit that most times shapes his lifestyle. And the worst thing that can happen to a believer is to be driven by a wrong spirit. Prophet Isaiah reveals thus:”You call evil good and call good evil. You put darkness light and light for darkness, who put bitterness for sweet, and sweet for bitter”. Beloved, many believers today are walking on a very tiny rope and runs the risk of spiritual calamity because they had refused to rely on the counsel from the Holy Spirit.

Our Scripture reference says, “…But you do not live as your human nature tells you to…”The counsel from Holy Spirit through the inspired word (Holy Bible) and the teachings of the church are the only authentic measures of evaluating what is right or wrong. We must develop the attitude of asking the Holy Spirit to help us know where we are failing. Dear child of God, once you no longer enjoy your relationship with God, the fastest thing to do is to run to the Spirit of God to help you before you land in the house of pigs.

Thomas Kempis advises us thus, “In some cases thou must use violence and manfully resist the sensual appetite and not regard what the flesh has a mind for, whether it would fly from, rather labour that, whether it will or not, it may become subject to the Spirit”

MASS: VIOLET: Judges 13: 2-7. 24-25a; Ps 71: 3-4a. 5-6ab. 16-17(R.8a); Lk 1: 5-25 ADVENT WEEKDAY II

Prayer Points:

1. O Lord, help me never to snob the Spirit speaking to me at all times.

2. Lord, I hereby submit myself to You today that I will always look up to You to know what is right or wrong.

3. Forgive me Lord for the number of times that I have insisted on what I want to do without recourse to your counsel.

Exercise: Take the prayer of Padre PIO

Meditation: Galatians 5:16-21