Scripture Reading:  Matthew 8:24-27

Imagine you were out on the sea with Jesus and the Apostles. or you were a seafarer and have spent countless hours on the sea in your lifetime. Some days the sea is exceptionally calm and other days there are big waves.  But this day was unique.  The waves were huge and crushing and you feared that things would not end well.

If the Apostles had not panicked and had allowed Jesus to sleep, they might have had to endure the storm a bit longer. Jesus is always with us, He is a compassionate Saviour, He is waiting and ready to show us compassion when we face great storm of life.

Reflect today on how you react to hardship and problems in your life, be they big or small. Do you face them with the confidence, calmness and hope that Jesus wants you to have?  Life is too short to be filled with terror.  Have confidence in the Lord no matter what you face each day. Our God does not sleep. He knows what He is doing and you can be certain that He will never allow you to endure more than you can handle.

The danger that most Christians face is that they do not allow Jesus to be in charge of their life and so, the storms of life tend to overwhelm them. Allow Jesus today to come into your life and He will see you through they journey of life in peace and serenity.

MASS: VIOLET Is 35:1-10; Ps 85:9ab and 10, 11-12, 13-14(R. see Is 35:4f); Accl. Behold, the King is coming, the Lord of the earth, and shall remove the yoke of our captivity. Gospel Lk. 5:17-26

Prayer Point:

               1.            O God, our Rock, You are our Shelter when storms come our way. We are secure no matter the dangers we fear. You are our Rock and our Defense. We will not be alarmed or afraid. When the wind rages around us, we have our safe refuge in You. You alone are our refuge, be ever near to us, we pray. Keep us safe from all troubles of life. Amen.

Exercise: Declare: Lord, when the winds and the waves rise to cause terror, we shall not fear. We believe that You will calm the storm for us.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Prayerfully plan to partake in DSD 2022 21-Days fasting, STARTING ON MONDAY 3RD TO WEDNESDAY 26TH JANUARY, 2022.  General round off will be from WEDNESDAY 26TH TO FRIDAY 28TH (VIGIL) JANUARY, 2022. All DSD users are encouraged to organize and be part of the daily fasting and general round off in their parishes/dioceses/localities/offices/market places/schools with the approval of your ecclesia and civil authorities. For inquiry: Call 07038447934 or 08112816095

Meditation: Isaiah 43:2