How to Access Audio Reflections

The Daily Strength Devotional reflections are available as playable audio media daily. To access this go to the MEDIA tab, under the AUDIO section, the first track titled ‘TODAYS REFLECTION’ is the audio reflection; click the LISTEN button

How to Switch Off Adverts

The DSD App has adverts running on the top bar. This has been designed to be highly unobtrusive. If by anyway you would like to switch off the ads, the option is available in the settings. This setting is available only to users with an active subscription.

Login Details not Working

The new version of DSD Mobile App had to migrate to a different database and code engine, this is because we built to accommodate both Android and iOS. As such your previous details will not automatically work for the new version of the app. You are therefore advised...

Migrate Previous Purchases

If you have made purchases of publications in previous versions, it does not automatically appear in the new version. This is because the new version was built with a different database and code engine. To migrate you previous purchases you may need to use the contact...

‘BUY NOW’ button not responding

A user reported that they clicked the ‘buy now’ button without getting any feedback. If you experience this, simply close the App by pressing on the back button until you see ‘Do you want to quit’, click ‘yes’. Then reopen the app....


Frequently Asked Questions about the DSD Mobile App will continue to be posted here as they arise… You may check the features of the App from