Scripture Reading: Luke 2:41-42

One of the things which those who have a solid Christian upbringing and eventually become great ministers of God boast about is being raised in a Christian home. When then is a home regarded as a Christian home? Often times, we access a Christian home by the number of Christian activities going on. But today the Lord opens our eyes to the fact that a Christian home is measured by the level of Christianity in the parents. In other words, it is how godly and how spirit-filled the parents are that tags the home a “Christian home”. No wonder a Christian writer, trying to throw light on this issue states, “A Christian home, in uncomplicated terms, is one in which God is alive and present in the lives of the parents. It is Christian not just in name, but in reality—Christ is present through His Spirit in the lives of His followers who live there. Every Christian parent will readily affirm that their children are being raised in a “Christian home.” Probe a little deeper, though, and you’ll often find that what they really mean is their children are being raised in a “Christian culture.” Let me state what should be obvious, but doesn’t always seem to be—Christian activities and interests do not make a home Christian. Let me be more specific—a Christian home is never defined by what the children are doing…it is defined by what the parents are doing.” So what is the Lord demanding from us today as parents? The Lord is challenging us not to take our spiritual life unserious, not to treat the things of God with levity. The Lord challenges parents to be up and doing spiritually. You can imagine the home in which Jesus grew up. The Bible described Joseph as this, “…a man who always did what was right” (Matthew 11:18). Imagine growing up in a home where the father is described as always doing what is right. In such a home, even if there is misunderstanding between the man and the woman, the children will not get to know about it because the man is always doing what is right; the misunderstanding will transform the love in their relationship into a formidable love. Joseph indeed is one of those characters in the Bible that were very devout. Joseph was filled with the grace of God that made him upright, godly and fear God. The mother of our Saviour is another character in the Bible that won favour with God. The Bible recorded that she was full of grace. Imagine what happens when the mother of the home is God’s favourite; when the mother in the house is a virtuous woman; when the mother of the home is a praying woman. We became Christians because Christ influenced us, so also, parents’ lives in God should influence their children. As a mother, you cannot be dressing indecently and expect same not to be translated in your children. As a father, you cannot be living a promiscuous life and think that it would not affect your children.

MASS: WHITE 2 Cor 1:18-22; Ps 119: (R.35a); Accl. Mt 5:16; Mt 5:13-16 ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA, P.D (MEMORIAL)

Prayer Points:
1. Pray for all homes that Jesus will begin to influence the lives of parents’ to live true Christian lives.
2. Pray for parents who are not spiritually serious, for God to help them to live up to their spiritual calling as Christians.

Exercise: Can you beat your chest and say, “My home is a Christian home”?

Meditation: Deuteronomy 6:6-7