Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:29
I have such an urgency upon me now to release this word. I say this without desiring to bring condemnation. Many want to feel the power of His fire without enduring the refinement of His fire. We are in an hour when Jesus is beckoning His bride to recognize her place hidden in Him. He is our Crucible, the One who holds us as we are purified by the fire of God.
Many want elevation in the Spirit, but they do not want to be refined. When gold is refined, the dross rises first. Understand that before the fire of God elevates you, it eradicates the impurities in your life so that they can be removed by Him. When we grow from faith to faith and glory to glory, His fire intensifies in our lives, and those hidden things keeping us from reflecting Christ fully are brought to the surface so that they can be resolved. No one is exempt from this process.
Gold is not worth anything until it is purified. We must treat the fire of God with reverence and not ask for it unless we are willing to submit to refinement. Refined gold is transparent. As the refiner gazes upon the surface of the gold, he is looking for his reflection, untainted by the dross. The Lord desires purity and transparency in His bride. She has nothing to hide when she is pure. There are no accusations of dross to be brought before the Lord by Satan when she is submitted unto Christ. He sees His reflection without hindrance upon those who
have surrendered to the Refiner’s fire.
I want to challenge you and encourage you this hour to surrender to His fire. Do not settle for a momentary thrill or touch of the fire at a corporate meeting or a conference or a fellowship. Do not settle for a rendezvous in His Presence. He longs to consume you and to crown your entire being with fire. He longs for His body to burn incessantly rather than sporadically or periodically. He wants to see His face reflected upon your life, and He wants you to surrender to the glory of refinement. It is in the consummation that eternal change takes place, and we go from witnessing the burning bush to becoming a burning bush.
James 4:1-10; Ps 55:7-8.9-10a.10b-11.23 (R.23ab); Accl Gal 6:14; Gosp Mk 9:30-37 WEEKDAY OF EASTER St Rita Cascia, R (Opt Mem)
Prayer Points:
1. Take meditatively, the prayer: “For a Merciful Heart”, in DSD, Section A.
2. I submit myself to You O Lord my God, my spirit, soul and body. Let Your power and mercy strip of my old, unrenewed self and put on the new nature, so that whatever needs to be changed in my life is truly and thoroughly changed. May I be a vessel unto honour, fitting for Your use, O Lord.
3. Take the prayers of Pentecost in “Amen: It is Done.

Exercise: Take the “Litany of the Holy Spirit” in “Amen: It is Done.
Meditation: Luke 3:16.