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Daily Strength Devotional is a resource that has implemented the new methods and new forms of Evangelization to convey the perennial truth of Jesus Christ, so that the faith will be consciously and personally lived with the assistance of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, (Our Lady of Perpetual Help).

Daily Strength Devotional provides a solid platform for all Catholics and non-Catholics to keep abreast with God’s word daily, thereby creating the spiritual atmosphere for believers to experience God in their everyday lives. We employ simple language, telling real stories of real people’s spiritual experiences, their testimonies, their victory over sin and personal stories of deep conversion and mercy.

Daily Strength Devotional is printed quarter and distributed across the nation and beyond. It is presently produced in English and French languages, as we explore the opportunities of translating into more languages. We concurrently produce 2 editions every quarter (Nigerian and Ghana editions.) DSD is also available via various digital outlets. 

Daily Strength Devotional has the goal to encourage Christians in their personal life of prayer and discipleship. Through the assistance of the Holy Spirit Daily Strength Devotional is our modest contribution to the church’s call to New Evangelization.

 In line with this, Daily Strength is anchored on three pillars; Evangelization, Charity and Lectio Divina.

Daily Strength Devotional promotes the practice of Lectio Divina among her users, this effort has led to the establishment of Daily Strength Devotional Family in various parishes and dioceses. Daily Strength Devotional Family is a faith community; whose devotion is to the Word of God through the practice of Lectio Divina with the ultimate goal of encouraging Christians to spend some time, physically and mentally, with God through His word.

The fruit of the Lectio Divina Spirituality is express in Evangelization and Charity.

In respect to our charity ministry, we embark in training of priests, sponsorship of the indigent, orphans, widows, the sick and under-privileged. We produce free copies of Daily Strength Devotional to be distributed in hospitals, schools, chapels, hotels etc. We are grateful to men and women of goodwill who God has been using to achieve these great feats using DSD as a Divine tool.

In keeping with our mission of Evangelization we embark on Evangelization outreaches/Retreats through invitations from and in conjunction with the host parishes, dioceses and various organs of the church within and outside the country. Annually, amongst other programmes we organize The January 21 Days Fasting programme, Lenten Retreat, Pentecost Camping, International Retreat, Mid-Year Prayer Conference, End-of-the Year Prayer Conference and Various Evangelization outreach programmes.

From time to time we are collaborate with the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, to organize seminars, retreats, workshops etc for Catholic youths (CYON, NACC, NFCS, YCS), as we are looking at giving higher priority to the Evangelization of the young. In line with this, we are also launching the Daily Strength Devotional for Children and young people.

We are favoured to have been part of those taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.