Scripture Reading: Romans 6:3-14


As we continue to look into the finished work of Christ on the Cross, our prayer is that God should open our eyes to see the realities and the wonders of the Cross. The revelation of the death of your self-nature on the Cross, the clear understanding that you were in Christ when He went to Calvary is what liberates you from the slavery of sin.

Fasting and prayer, although very good and essential in our Christian walk, is not sufficient to deliver one from the bondage of sin and sinful habits. The only freedom from sin is the revelation, by the spirit of God, of the death of the sinful nature. When Jesus said, IT IS FINISHED on the Cross, this is the  “IT” that finished.  This revelation knowledge that the body of sin has been destroyed (that the irresistible force that propels you towards sin even when you hate it and even when you know it is wrong and dangerous to your eternal soul, no longer has a hold on you) is crucial for anyone who will live a victorious Christian life. Verse 6 of our reference emphasized the continuous knowledge of this truth as the only way for a man not to serve sin. He that is dead is free from sin; only death can free a man from sin. Nothing else can. Verse 8 tells us that we actually died with Christ. It’s almost difficult to accept that I died when Christ died on the Cross more than 2000 years ago, yet Colossians 3:3 states clearly, “For ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God. (KJV) There is a life that reigns over sin; it is the life that has experienced death. Don’t continue to call the manifestations of your self-nature your weakness. Don’t keep excusing your short temper or lustful thoughts or other sinful habits as your weakness. They are not weaknesses they are the manifested works of your true nature —the man that you are inside —a sinner. A sinner that must experience death! Until you acknowledge that fact, you will continue to live defeated both by the devil and sin. Yet once you acknowledge your true nature and then seek salvation, help will come to you from the Lord. He will give you your personal experience of your death with Christ on the Cross. There is a resurrected life available for all who believe. A life that continually conquers sin and the devil; it is

the new created life. It is the life every true child of God must

bear for them and their services to be acceptable to God. That is the only life that can be led by the spirit of God, the only life that obeys God.

Today as we seek to fellowship with the Father and His Son, it will be necessary for us to x-ray our lives closely. What has been your experiences? Are you still operating in the self-life? What are the testimonies of the people around you, your family, colleagues, neighbors and friends? Do they see in you the resurrected life of Christ or are they still encountering that repulsive old nature of sin? As ungodliness increases in our days, it is expedient that we raise and wave the banner of righteousness by our manifestation of Christ’s resurrected life.


Wis 11: 22 —12: 2; Ps 145: 1-2. 8-9. 10-11. 13cd. 14; (R.1); 2 Thess. 1: 11 —2: 2;Accl Jn 3:16; Lk 19: 1-10



Prayer Points:

  1. Lord help me to x-ray my life by your word.
  2. Search me Lord; if the self-life is still operational in me, rid me of it O Lord.
  3. Take the “Prayers for Spiritual Renewal and Self Surrender to God”.

Exercise: Take the “Divine Mercy Prayers” at 3pm and 9pm today.

Memory Verse:  Romans. 6:8