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Hard/Paper Copy

Daily Strength Devotional publications are distributed Worldwide by Volunteer Distributors. Other publications include Amen It Is Done, Lectio Divina Manual, Daily Strength Devotional for Children and Teens

Mobile App

Downloadable Daily Strength Devotional Mobile application is available with Daily Reflections, Amen It Is Done Booklet, The Holy Bible, Missal etc accessible offline. View more feature at


Prayer Network

The Daily Strength Devotional Prayer Campaign is a programme designed to commit all members of the Daily Strength Family to organized prayer sessions held at stipulated times with particular prayer points.


Designed to encourage all members to answer the call to show Love. Donations are raised from individuals, primarily to aid funding of free distribution of Daily Strength Devotional.


Evangelization Outreach

Usually aimed at spreading the Goodnews of salvation and redemption. Primary Features are: Holy Mass, Exhortations, Ministrations, Eucharistic Adoration, Praise Worship & Testimonies.