1. Pray for the release of the Auxiliary Bishop of Owerri who has been allegedly kidnapped.
  2. that God will bless me with a government House of my own and a better job with a better salary and benefits.
  3. Divine restoration upon my Family and for World peace
  4. Praying of more children in the family and praying for God’s guidance and protection in our lives.
  5. Fruit of the womb, long life and good of everyone related to me, wealth from above virtues of our blessed mother especially patience, humidity and perseverance.
  6. Asking God for his mercies and pardon on my court case
  7. Praying to love God more and financial breakthrough
  8. healing on my leg arthritis
  9. healing on my son of cerebral palsy
  10. healing of family root.
  11. Lord in your mercy deliver and liberate me from every dream, spiritual and witchcraft manipulation in Jesus name
  12. Lord please deliver and set me free from every dream world that is not of God. every power saying NO to God YES in my life be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost, let the will of God alone prevail in my life. I will marry, be fruitful in every aspect of my life, live in good health and superabundance for His own glory in Jesus name, Amen
  13. I need the grace/anointing to worship God in spirit and in truth. 2. I want God to encounter me so as to fellowship with him. 3.I need breakthrough in all areas of my life. 4. Deliverance of my family tree. 5.Peace and progress in Nigeria.6.A fresh anointing on all Christians in Nigeria.
  14. Divine Encounter
  15. financial stability and providence
  16. divine insights and progress in my cake business
  17. Good health and prosperity at work place