1. I am praying for a good job and God should direct my steps to the right woman.

2. I pray for God’s mercy, to deliver me from lesbian world, dream husband and dream sexual partner. Amen.

3. For deliverance from demonic manipulation. That my Light may shine. Against Sickness and disease and healings.

4. Praying for God’s will in my life and family.

5. Almighty God I present my family into your hands we thank you for your Divine intervention heal our financial Debt, restore our finance with Superabundance, send our destiny helpers, grant Canadian statue to our daughter, blessed life partner, to her direct our children’s destiny, our marriage we place before your throne of mercy, heal our Son’s broken bone migraine and loss of memory is gone from our family retentive memory is our portion, good health is our portion, Divine Providence and protect is our portion our plastic factory and other businesses shall Testify to God, s visitation heal our bad vices FOREVER

6. Dear Fr, be kind to deliver me and set my womb free from the hands of those who torment me in barrenness.

7. May God in His infinite mercy and love grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name amen.

8. We stand with you dear child of God, and we call on the Lord God Almighty to arise and scatter all the wicked plans of the wicked in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ amen. DSD Prayer Team

9. My prayer request is that God should intervene in my marriage by not allowing the devil to cause a problem in my marriage Because my husband was advised by some devilish people to take a second wife so that he can be prosperous. I pray that through the intervention of the divine mercy and all the saints of God that all their plans should not work. And God should not put me to shame, he should stand up and fight this fight for me.

10. Please pray for me, l had a motorcycle accident on February 2020 and since then l have been on clutches. help pray for me for God’s intervention and total healing in my life.