Scriptural Reading: Luke 6:48

I welcome you to today’s encounter with God through His word. Today, the Holy Spirit wants us to reflect on the nature of our relationships with the universal creation. Life is essentially made up of relationships. This relationship is in two dimensions. It is firstly horizontal and then it is vertical. The horizontal aspect could be in relation to both animate and inanimate objects in the world. The much we get out of life depends solely on the nature of our relationships at these different levels.
The unredeemed man, by nature, refrains from anything that would demand an additional effort. He is prone to settling for average, the minimum and mediocre. This manifests itself in our manner of relating with those around us. This aspect of our Christian calling is what God is drawing our attention to today. If our life and career will ever be anything to write home about, then we must in sincerity be determined to travel an extra mile; to make an extra effort. The truth is that most people strive to the finishing point but only a few go the extra mile. And guess what! It is in the extra mile that there abounds milk and honey in fullness.
Dear friends, in our world today hard work often goes unrewarded while mediocrity, slothfulness and laziness are celebrated. In such an atmosphere, the Holy Spirit instructs us today not to give up so easily and too quickly. We must learn to dig deep and never end at a surface scratch. Come to think of it, are the valuable things of the world ever found at the surface level of the earth crust? On the contrary, they are usually found after a deep dig. It is after such dig that crude oil, gold and silver ore, iron ore, etc., are gotten in the crude, unrefined, natural and undiluted state. God wants us to improve on every aspect of our lives. He wants us to embark on deepening our efforts in every aspect of our lives. Thus, he says, “Whatever you do, do it with all your might”. In this regard, part knowledge is not accepted and half knowledge of the Word of God is even more disastrous. We must all embark on a deep dig into the Word, sciences, arts, human culture and every aspect of human endeavor. We must strive to broaden the horizons of our knowledge and extend them to greater and higher frontiers. In this way, we will build and make a better world for ourselves. May God bless you with the gift of His Spirit today and always.

MASS: WHITE Acts 7:51-8:1a, Ps 31:3bc-4.6.7b-8a. 17.21ab (R.6a); Accl.Jn 6:35ab; Jn 6:30-35

Prayer Points:
1. Thank God for the gift of today.
2. Pray against the spirit of spiritual laziness.
3. Father, let the grace of prayer and intense study of Your word be my portion in the name of Jesus.
4. Father, pour Your grace upon all ministers of Your word, that they may never despair in the study of Your word in the name of the risen Lord.
5. Father, I beseech You, let the Holy Spirit deepen in me the thirst for spiritual things.
6. I receive grace to overcome every sin that clings so closely that hampers my spiritual growth in Jesus name. Amen.
7. Take the prayer of “Daily Consecration to God”.

Exercise: Resolve to give good proportion of your time to prayer and the daily study of the Word.

Meditation: Joshua 1:8