Scripture Reading:  Matthew 10:28

 Today the Lord is brings our way a very important message of encouragement.  The Lord is unhappy at the alarming rate at which Christian faithful are abandoning the right ways in the face of challenges.  Some even go to the extent of questioning God, “why should I suffer”.  The world ways contradicts totally with the heavenly ways. Hear this from a user of Daily Strength: “On the 7th of April this year she lost my only son in the hands of armed robbers who shot him severally. According to her the boy spoke with her asking for her mother’s prayers saying that he will not die but live to glorify the name of God. Unfortunately, he died living a young wife, two months pregnant. My consolation as this story was being shared by this daughter of Zion was her faith and trust in God’s providence. She says,” Jesus died for the whole world my son also died on his way for a seminar by which he was to represent his church. I know that God has a purpose for everything that have been happening in my life and cannot abandon me.”

Christian persecution is a reality and it has even become more prevalent in a world that has become more materialistic and selfish. The truth therefore is for every child of God to develop the right attitude towards persecution.  The right attitude is to remain steadfast and stand firm believing God for his providential power.  Persecutions will always come but it will definitely come to an end one day. Every plan of Satan has a lifespan but God’s plans are everlasting. Those who quit because of persecutions get into worse problems but those who resist are always glorified here on earth or the world after.  The Scripture reveals to us some great men and women in the Scriptures who understood the message of the scripture reading of today.  John the Baptist was beheaded for preaching against coveting another man’s wife.  Jeremiah was thrown into the well of Prince Malchiah for telling the people what the Lord wants them to hear.  Daniel was put in the lion’s den for practicing his faith. Beloved many great men of God gave out their lives for the sake of the gospel. What about you?.  These ones refused to succumb to the antics and wickedness of Satan; rather held unto their faith and God. They had a perfect understanding of who to fear.  If we are frustrated by persecution it therefore means that our fear is to man and not God who has the power to rescue us.  Our scriptural reference today presents a very great message of consolation to all.  The message is this; persecution can only destroy what will eventually be destroyed- THE BODY, it can only attack the perishable.  Persecution cannot affect the incorruptible part of man and this is the main reason why we should not be afraid.  Do not stop any godly venture simply because such is threatening your existence on earth. NOTHING CAN, AND NOTHING SHOULD FRUSTRATE US.  Let us remain steadfast.  Let nothing change your covenant with God.

Prayer Points:

  1. Sing this song from Catholic Hymn Book Number 241, “Keep step with the Master, whatever betide, while dark be the pathway, keep close to your Guide; while foes are alluring, and dangers is near, when walking with Jesus, You’ve nothing to fear.”
  2. Pray for God to give you the grace to accept the reality of persecution in Christian faith.
  3. Father, destroy every spirit of fear in my life.
  4. O Lord Jesus, banish every ignorance and sentiments within me that makes me to get discouraged when persecution comes.
  5. Dear Lord, do not let me be separated from you because of hardship, persecution, hunger, poverty, danger or death. Help me to remain faithful to you.(Pray seriously)

Exercise:  Shift your inclinations from the world and overcome within your mind every form of fear for dying for the sake of Christ.

Memory Verse:  Matthew 5:10