Scripture Reading: 2 Matthew 21:27-41
“I love thee Jesus my Lord above all things; I repent with my whole heart for having offended thee. Never permit me to separate myself from thee again. Grant that I may love thee always, and do with me what thou will.” Most of us know this prayer and other similar beautiful prayers by heart. But how real are these words in our daily lives? St. Denis says that, “The principal effect of love is to unite the will of the lovers, so that they are of one heart, one mind, and one will. It is for this reason that whatever we do, our actions, our prayers, our holy Communions, even our thanksgiving, will please God only if they are in conformity with His will.”
For most of us, our lives have been as that of the second son in the parable of Jesus. We recite beautiful prayers made by faithful saints of old, and shed a tear or two when we sing some of the hymns they wrote from their own experience with God, and cry, “I will, I will…”, but then after the service, we rise and continue our way. Beloved, God desires to do with us what He wills. He wants us not to just sing about our surrender, but to commit our hearts to do it.
Many a time, doing the Father’s Will brings many tears. Faithful saints of old had probably at some point believed the Father hated them, or was punishing them for past sins. Yet, as painful as it may be at the beginning, in retrospect, those saints never failed to see the glory hidden in the Father’s will. In Hebrews 12:2, the Holy Spirit tells us of the joy that was set before Jesus, which He saw and endured the Cross and its shame. God highly exalted Him and gave Him a name that controls all creation.
Beloved, God is not partial, anyone who shows himself faithful in living for Him and doing His Will always, would also be exalted. Let us be determined not to just recite prayers and sing hymns of surrender this season, let us resolve today to live by the examples that have been set before us by the saints of the old.
MASS: WHITE 1 Pt 5:1-4; Ps 23:1-3a. 3b-4. 5.6 (R.1); Accl. Mt 16:18; Mt 16:13-19 CHAIR OF PETER, AP F
Prayer Point:
1. “My Jesus, You have sacrificed Yourself on the cross and have died for me. But how have I repaid Your love? I thank You for having had so much patience with me and for giving me time to repair my ingratitude. I am sorry, my dear Saviour, and from now I wish to do whatever is pleasing to You. Grant that during my life I may be resigned to the arrangements of Your divine Providence, and that, when death comes, I may accept Your holy will. I wish to die saying: “May Your will be done.”
Exercise: Take the hymn “I surrender all” CHB 276
Meditation: Luke 1:38.