Scripture Reading: Hebrews 10:5-14
“Here I am, I have come to do Your Will, O God.” This was the cry of our Lord and Saviour that took Him from the Garden of Gethsemane, through the rugged way of Calvary, to the Cross at Golgotha. And this is undeniably the most difficult commitment a man can keep. Surprising is the fact that Jesus had a clear understanding of what God required; He knew what was before Him — agony and death — yet He was willing to do His Father’s Will. The Living Bible puts it thus: “You have made ready this body of mine for me to lay down as a sacrifice on Your altar… here I am. I have come to give my life.” God desires men and women who will arise, and forget their personal dreams and pursuits; making declaration of total surrender.

Believers who have come to understand God’s disinterest in sacrifices and offerings, who instead of the merchandise men make in the church, decide to offer their body and all for His will. According to one Christian writer, the whole of heaven is mobilized to sponsor any man whose singular desire is to promote the reign of the Kingdom of God. God has no desire for patterns and rituals., What He seeks are sons and daughters who would stand and uphold righteousness, no matter the cost. Faithful representatives who would not say, “I go sir!” yet go about their own businesses. Beloved, how do you fare in this matter? Do not be like the Pharisees who, though very busy in the house of God, were guiltier than the whores and thieves? Never be tempted to believe that your Sunday offerings and the “big sacrifice” of even attending Mass, is enough to give you a pass mark before God. Offering God only our spare time is a whole lot of disrespect to Him and the things concerning Him. He wants you totally at His beck and call. He wants your life, He wants your willingness to do all that He instructs you to do, no matter the cost. Your business, job, family life should be done according to His words, no matter the pain. This is the sacrifice that would be pleasing and acceptable to Him.
MASS: VIOLET Ezk 18:21-28; Ps 130: 1-2. 3-4. 5-7a.7bc-8 (R.3); Accl.Ezk 18:31; Mt 5: 20-26 POLYCARP, BP, MT M
Prayer Points:
1. Father, as I roll my works upon You, Lord, make my thoughts agreeable to Your will, so that my plans will be established and succeed. Lord, direct my steps and make me sure. I stand firm and mature in spiritual growth, convinced and fully assured in everything willed by You.
2. O Lord, Your word says that those who cry in this life will be consoled by You in the next life. Grant me, therefore, to cry for my sins; give me a truly contrite and humble heart; grant me a submissive spirit so that I can enjoy eternal joy in heaven through Your infinite mercy. Amen.
Exercise: Ensure that your life and all your activities are reflection of God’s mind and desire.
Meditation: Psalms 119:94