Scripture Reading: Isaiah 41:10-11

The dictionary definition of ‘depression’ is, “to be flattened vertically or dispirited”. Just last week, a user of DSD called, lamenting her inability to send her children to school, provide minimal comfort for them and worst still her poor ill health. “Since she lost her husband two years ago her life has become difficult.

Hear another lamentation, “I got married ten years ago but childless. On our wedding night when I met with my husband for first time we found out that his organ was flat. All attempts proved abortive. We resorted to pray but to no avail. In fact, depression set in and we decided to consult a gynaecologist. After tests on both us we were declared fit to have children. Here we are for ten years no child. It is most frustrating to say the least” Beloved, these can lead to heaviness of heart which can cause anxiety.

The Scripture says, “Anxiety weighs down the human heart….” (Prov. 12:25).

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