Scripture Reading: Mark. 8:21.

In the life of every human being, understanding is one of the key things that make life possible. In the list of created things, man is the only being that is gifted with rationality which enables us understand things and make sense of them. It is this rationality that makes us moral beings because it helps us to distinguish between good and evil. Besides understanding good and differentiating it from evil, our human reasoning helps us to reach out to do good and avoid evil. Understanding is very necessary for our choice making in life; for whoever lacks understanding is bound to make the wrong choices.

A good number of the sons and daughters of God are like the disciples. We hear God’s words and see His miraculous works in our lives, and that of others, and yet, we still doubt His abilities. The problem is understanding. Some have attributed it to lack of faith, but faith does not just come. You need understanding first. Understanding quickens and strengthens your faith. It is this issue of understanding that distinguishes Christians. All of us are not in the same level. Some are soaring very high spiritually because, they seek understanding.

The truth is that the kind of faith we deal with and the wisdom it expresses are sometimes beyond the level of our earthly calculations. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of mysteries and it is only by understanding that anyone can become a citizen of this kingdom. Even the Scriptures that we go through daily was not a product of mortal intelligence. They were spiritually given to us and it takes theSpirit of God himself to open us up to the treasures they contain. That is why Job 39 tells us about impartation of understanding. That is what we who are Christians require to have a successful walk with God in our lifetime. We have limited our walk with God through our limited understanding. Many of us are deceived on daily bases by fake ministers because, we have failed to follow the directions of the Spirit through understanding. Be advised: calm down with God and pursue understanding. Allow God to take his time in teaching you: it takes discipline to achieve this. Allow God to teach you. ‘God speaks to those who take time to listen and He listens to those who take time to pray’

MASS: VIOLET: Mal 3: 1-4. 5-6; Ps 25: 4-5ab. 8-9. 10 and 14(R. Lk 21:28); Lk 1: 57-66 ADVENT WEEKDAY ST.JOHN OF KANTY, P

Prayer points:

1. Take the song “We cannot do without You”, meditatively.

2. Great Lord God, illuminate the eyes of my understanding that I may be able to perceive your great works in my life.

3. Father, open up my heart to absorb the truths inside your word.

4. May your Holy Spirit expose me to the mysteries of the kingdom.

5. I refuse to walk in darkness anymore. I walk in the light of your revelation. Amen

Exercise: Spend thirty (30) minutes of your time today on the word of God.

Meditation: John 16:13