Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:2

The trials and challenges encountered by children of God oftentimes are wrongly painted and described by the world.  For instance, a woman who is yet to have a child of her own is mockingly described as “that barren woman”. In the same way a family whose children are stubborn can be called or described not by their names but as “that family whose children are rough and stubborn.” A young man or girl who is HIV positive is no longer described by his or her names but by the infirmity. That’s the world system. This is because we live in a world full of wickedness and evil practices. The truth indeed is that the world stigmatizes our situations and oftentimes we tend to give life to what they say about us by saying in our lamentation, “GOD WHY?”

Our scripture reference says, “Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame……” Beloved in our race of faith we look to Jesus as our example of trusting in God (Heb. 2:13),of commitment to His will (Heb.10:7-10), of prayers (Mark 1:35), of overcoming temptation and suffering (Heb. 4:15), of enduring loyalty to the Father and of seeking the joy of completing the work to which God has called us (LK15:6), our source of strength, love, grace and help (Rev. 3:21). At all times and in all conditions let our eyes be fixed on Jesus, through whom the Father perfects all that concerns us. So dearly beloved in Christ, the Holy Spirit says to you today, bear that burden gallantly by believing in the word of God that says, “All things work together for good for those who are God’s children…”  It is borne gallantly when we also understand that at some point God teaches the world some lessons with what happens to us. Most often God uses our conditions to demonstrate to the unbelieving world His love for us who believe and that all powers belong to Him. The mighty manifestations of God in our generation have shown that God can cure cancer which defiled medication intervention. God has caused a fifty-year old woman to get married, become pregnant and delivered her baby normally. A woman, who for thirty years of her marriage, was stigmatized as barren got pregnant and had twins, (a boy and a girl). Psalms 113:9 says, “He gives a home to the barren woman, and makes her a joyful mother of Children.” Do not therefore allow the pressure that the world imposes on us to cause you to falter.  Depend on Christ the one who can do all things.  Padre Pio encourages us thus, “How unbearable is pain when suffered far from the Cross, but how sweet and bearable it becomes when it is offered close to the Cross of Jesus.”



Amos 9:11-15; Ps 85:9.11-12.13-14(R.9b); Accl Jn 10:27; Gosp Mt 9:14-17 WEEKDAY


Prayer Point:

  1. O Lord Jesus, You did not despise the shame of the Cross. You did not forsake the will of the Father to save mankind despite the mockery by your executioners, the taunting by the condemned criminal, the betrayal by Judas and the denial by St. Peter, grant me grace and courage to endure every stigma.  (Three times).


Exercise:  Take the “Rosary of Liberation” for the next seven days over what you are passing through.


Meditation: Sirach 2:1-10