Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:1-9
Last Sunday, Jesus invited us to free ourselves from the troubles that prevent us from enjoying the peace of His divine presence. Today He teaches us that one of the true signs of success in our discipleship journey is the bearing of fruit, which is the evidence that His word dwells in us. The last category of seeds mentioned is the seed that fell on good ground and produced much fruit. The other types of seed could not produce the expected fruits either because of the weather—too little or too much rain and temperature. But because there was good soil, properly fertilized and balanced with the right amount of nutrients, the last seed could germinate, develop deep roots and produce optimum fruit.
Among Christ’s parables, this one about the sower and the seed stands out as the most insightful in its depth of teachings about how the seed of the gospel of the kingdom is sown and works in the field of life. Our modern world is full of distractions—the rocks, thorns and birds which conspire to prevent God’s word from taking root and bearing fruit. As a minister of the gospel, we’ve witnessed this parable at work in the lives of countless numbers of people. The lesson from this story is at work today, as the “seed” of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God are being sown via this devotional. Right now, you are holding a “bag of seed” in your hand as you read these words. The word of the Kingdom of God is being sown in your life. The question to examine from the parable is, what quality of “soil” is your heart? Is it full of stones? Has it been packed down hard by the journey of life? Can Satan easily snatch the valuable and precious truth of God from your heart?
Finally, we must realize that as a disciple, God is interested in the fruits you bear. The word has been sowed, the world is waiting for the manifestation of that word. Jesus is eagerly waiting for the fruit you will bear, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life. Just bear fruit even if not in hundred or sixty, God will pass or accept even thirty-fold.
MASS: GREEN Is. 55:10-11; Ps. 65:9abcd.9e-10.11-12.13(R. Lk. 8:8a); Rom. 8:18-23; Matt. 13:1-23 OR Matt. 13:1-9
Prayer Points
Thank God for this insight through His word today.
Ask for mercy for the times you have not allowed His word to grow in your life.
Ask God for the grace to help you make your heart a fertile soil for God’s word.
Prayer against every evil trick and birds that snatch the word away from your life
Take the prayer “Consecration to the Holy Spirit” in the prayer Book “Amen it is done”