Scripture Reading:  Jeremiah 18:18-23

The world is full of darkness and it opposes the truth, and so everything that concerns truth or that borders on light receives stern opposition.  So also it is that anyone who seeks the truth and stands by it must in most cases be challenged.   In today’s reflection a divine judgement is hereby raised against all who may secretly be plotting your downfall.   Conspiracy is the activity of the wicked that is always carried out secretly (in the dark) with the intention to destroy a child of God who stands for what is right.  V. 18 of our scriptural reference says, Then the people said, “Let’s do something about Jeremiah! There will be priests to instruct us, wise men to give us counsel, and prophets to proclaim God’s message. Let’s bring charges against him, and stop listening to what he says.” This explains what happens when Satan enters into the heart of men. They lose decency and moral rectitude. In hate and desire to pour out their venom on the victim they plot evil. The Psalmist says, “Evil men testify against me and accuse me of crimes I know nothing about (Psalm 35:11).” “ Why do the nations plan rebellion? Why do people make their useless plots? Their kings revolt, their rulers plot together against the LORD and against the king he chose. (Psalm 2:1-2) Oftentimes when we become victims of evil conspiracy we resort to physical battle; this is the most incorrect thing to do.

Hear this, when two wicked and lustful Judges falsely accused Susanna, plotting to put her to death, she (Susanna) prayed: “Eternal God, nothing can be kept secret from you; you know everything before it happens. Here I am about to die, but you know that I am innocent, that these men are lying. Why must I die?” (Susanna 1:42-43) When a deadly conspiracy is going on against you, do not despair over it, simply go to the Lord in prayer. This was what Susanna did and God intervened and put her adversaries to shame. It is only God who can help because the word of God assures in Psalm 2: 4, “From his throne in heaven the LORD laughs and mocks their feeble plans. The Lord will defeat and disgrace them. He will turn them back and they shall be confused; and like straw blown by the wind as the angels of the LORD pursue them. (Psalm 35:4-5) We cling unto God on all matters including this because it is only Him who will eventually control the actions of the one who will give the final verdict concerning the lies against you.  God  indeed intervened, when Haman plotted to destroy the entire  Jews in the Persian Empire because Mordecai would not bow and kneel to him (Esther 3:5-6); God planted Esther who came to the rescue of the Jews.  When the two judges plotted against Susanna because she would not accept their proposal for adultery, God spoke through the mouth of Daniel and rescued Susanna.  (The Book of Susanna) When King Nebuchadnezzar ordered the three faithful servants of God to be thrown into the fiery furnace, God intervened as the fourth man in the fire.  Allow God to fight your cause.  When the Jews conspired against Jesus, and Pilate for fear of losing his friendship with Caesar succumbed to the pressure from the Jews; God raised Him (Jesus) to the highest glory.

Beloved in Christ, are you being conspired against in your work place because you do not want to associate with the corruption and bribery taking place?  Are you conspired against in the church because you do not want to do what will hurt or harm the church?  Have you been denied of your rights and privileges for standing for the truth?  Seek the face of the Lord, you will surely be vindicated.

Prayer Points:

  1. I lose confusion against every satanic and demonic conspiracy against my life in the name of Jesus (7 times).
  2. Let the secret counsel of the wicked pointed at me be turned into foolishness in Jesus name.
  3. Send your light O Lord, and scatter my enemies and as in Psa. 55:9, “Destroy them O Lord, and divide their tongue” in the name of Jesus.
  4. Dear Lord, I know You are mighty in battle. I know that no one can twist Your arm.  I know You have been fighting my battles both physically and spiritually.  I thank You dear Father, my God and Defender, please come to my rescue in this matter (present the case of conspiracy).  Do not let those who conspire against me  rejoice over me or ask me “where is my God”.

Exercise:  For the next 7 days pray with Psalm 59 and Psalm 35 against evil conspiracy against you no matter the form it takes.

Memory Verse: Psalm 35:1.