Scripture reading: Deuteronomy 28:1-14

It is important to evaluate our level of relationship with God. This is so because in our world today, God and the things that concerns God have been taken less seriously. Many have gone their own way; many have seen the commands and ordinances of the Lord as going out of fashion. Our Scripture reading today wants us to realize again that the greatness, which our soul desires, can only be attained by sincere obedience to what God commands us to do. The truth of the matter is that nothing can make God and his word outdated.

There are blessings that come to us when we obey the Lord and these are the blessings that make us extraordinary people. These blessings are also not common; they are unlike the general blessings that are available to all. The rain and sun comes on both the good and the bad equally. The extraordinary blessings are what we call true prosperity because it is complete and will not take us away from God. The fact that you have decided to harken to the Lord and faithfully observe all His commands, Verse 13 of our reflection says, “The Lord your God will make you the leader among the nations and not follower….” The extraordinary people lead, they show people the way. Once there is any issue, you get the best of advice from them. They proffer solutions to every aspect of human life, psychological, spiritual, social, economical and otherwise. These extraordinary people are not willing to compromise standards. Genesis 39:9 shows us what Joseph did thus: “how then could I do such immoral thing and sin against God?” Extraordinary people have sold their self-pride, self­ambition, and self-will to God, It is only God that determines what they do. Daniel also reflects the mindset of those who are extraordinary in Daniel 1:8, Daniel resolves in his heart not to offend the Lord.

In our world today, though there are hardships, struggles and strife, people still enjoy the fullness of life. Blissful marriages, well-behaved and godly children, God fearing husbands and wives, prosperous and successful business endeavours, academic successes, happy homes, internal peace even in times of confusion and pains. Ordinary people struggle to get God’s blessings but extraordinary people do not.

What it takes others twenty years to accomplish for instance, might take them only two years. Today, the Holy Spirit admonishes us to desire extraordinary blessings by making ourselves extraordinary people. Be a man or woman who the word of God describes as a vessel of honour. St. Paul writing in 2 Timothy 2:21 says, “If anyone makes himself clean from all those evil things, he will be used for special purpose, because he is dedicated and useful to his Master, ready to be used for every good deeds”. If you need extraordinary blessings, then seek the friendship of Jesus and avoid all forms of unfaithfulness.” Finally, beloved in Christ, let us always remind ourselves constantly to reflect on the last verse of our reflection. “But you must never disobey them in any way or worship and serve other Gods”.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for revealing the secret of extraordinary people to you.
  2. O God, give me the disposition of extraordinary people.
  3. Ask for the grace to faithfully obey the commands of the Lord.
  4. Pray for all Daily Strength Users that all the blessings God made available to extraordinary people should not elude them.
  5. Pray for all those struggling to overcome sin that God will give them the grace to overcome.

Exercise: Resolve in your mind never to offend the Lord even at all cost.

Memory verse: Psalms 119:11