(6th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:40 -45

In today’s Gospel reading, St. Mark continued to report the miraculous healings of our Lord Jesus. Today’s Gospel begins with our Lord Jesus Christ healing the man with leprosy.

Beloved, the leper’s request shows his faith and trust in Jesus’ will and compassion. We must pray in the same manner. We must trust that God’s will is for our healing and wholeness. The leper’s cry is “Lord, You are able to do so if you choose, but Father, if you are willing, and I know that for a certainty, you can make me whole!”  If that request was boastful, there may have been no healing.  Today’s Scripture reading reiterates the truth that our Lord Jesus Christ is compassionate. Scripture says, “Moved with pity, our Lord Jesus stretched out his hand.”

Love and compassion can only be honest when they do not seek selfish gains.

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