Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 4:10
Today, the Daily Strength Devotional Team, calls on all users of DSD to a one-day FASTING AND PRAYERS/SURPPORT DAY for Daily Strength Devotional. The topic of today’s reflection reads “FAITHFUL STEWARD OF GRACE” expresses our desire and prayer to be faithful stewards of this gift of God – the Daily Strength Devotional. We want to be faithful steward of DSD. We thank God for what He is doing with and through this gift of His. We thank God for the journey thus far. Also, we call upon you, brethren to ask for mercy for and on behalf of Daily Strength Devotional team members for the times they fell short of God’s expectations and inspirations. It has not actually been easy but for God’s help and grace. Beloved, join other members of the DSD family to consecrate DSD into God’s hands.
Brethren, there are more lands to conquered, more territories to possess for Jesus; therefore, we humbly beckon on you dear users to offer financial support as the spirit leads you to enable us meet our production, administrative and evangelical task. As we appreciate this sacrifice please send us your prayer intentions. We are happy to join you in prayers through or 07038447934.
MASS: GREEN Ex. 20:1-17; Ps. 19:8-9.10.11(R. Jn. 6:68c); Accl. Lk. 8:15; Matt. 13:18-23
Prayer Points:
Thank God for the gift of Daily Strength Devotional.
Pray for pardon in any way the DSD Team may have fallen short of God’s expectations.
Merciful Jesus, grant us repentance so that we can escape the trap of the evil one and enjoy new life in Christ in the name of Jesus.
Pray that we would be more docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Child of God kindly pray for DSD, for the challenges are enormous, both within and without. Pray that God’s vision for Daily Strength Devotional will continue to be actualized irrespective of all human contentions and demonic manipulations and attacks.
Pray for DSD distributors and financial partners, that God will enlarge their financial horizon.
Heavenly Father, we lift up the spiritual temperature of all members of the DSD family, revive and refine us so that we can be pleasing to you in the name of Jesus.
Pray for all DSD Users that through this financial sacrifice, God will visit us at our points of needs.
Exercise: Take the prayer “Releasing the Fire of God” on page 44-46 of the book, Amen: It is Done (12.00 to midnight and 3.00am).
If you are led, kindly make your financial support offering in favour of: Daily Strength Devotional, GTBank –NAIRA:0239190296, DOLLAR: 0239190306
Meditation: Luke 6:38