Scripture Reading:  Psalms 119:9-16

Today the Holy Spirit reveals to us the phrase which occupies the subconscious of great saints of God who are now enjoying victory in God.  It is the very secret of saints.  They fear to stray and because of that they acquaint themselves with prayers, memories and revelations that emanate from such disposition and with these keep themselves on check every moment of their lives.  Most times it is always a common thinking among believers that those we acclaim as saints received special grace from God.  No not all.  The same grace they had in their time is very much available to us today, the difference is that they constantly have something around them to keep reminding them every moment: “fear to stray”, “fear to fail the Lord”, “fear to do anything that will hurt the Lord”, “persevere in everything good”.  There must be something that will constantly remind you, at all times not to abandon the ways of God.  This can be in form of a quote hidden in your heart, a prayer that you constantly pray, a revelation that the memory is ever fresh, the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ among others.  On this regard, we can learn something from St. Teresa, for two significant experiences in her life kept her from straying from the way of the Lord. These are her encounters: “The sight of the wounded Jesus filled the heart of St. Teresa with great contrition for her former indifferent life, it inflamed her with true love of God and kept her until her end in these sentiments, thus she considered frequently how her Saviour suffered for her sake, and repented of her sins sincerely, as they were the cause of Christ’s bitter Passion.” The second encounter is even more touching: “She saw the place of hell which would have been hers, if she had not discontinued her idle discourses and indifference in the worship of the Most High.  Hence, she often gave humble thanks to God that He had not condemned her, and she learned by it how hurtful even a venial sin can become since it may lead us gradually to the path of everlasting perdition.”  St.  Francis also is another great man in the race for eternity that we can learn from. Everything created reminded him about God.  So he remained constantly in the love of God, the trees, the birds of the air, the rivers, the moon, the sun, name it.  All around him he felt the presence of God, thus everything reminded him about God that helped him to always remain focused till the end of his life.  St. Augustine, knew those aspects of man, that can make man stray easily and he surrendered them to the Lord. Here is the prayer that constantly helped him to surrender to the Lord: “Lord Jesus Christ, take all my freedom, my memory, my understanding, and my will. All that I have and cherish You have given me. I surrender it all to be guided by Your Will. Your grace and Your love and wealth are enough for me. Give

me these, Lord Jesus, and I ask for nothing more. Amen.” Dear child of God, to St. Teresa, it was the Cross and the vision of hell, to St. Francis it was the created things around him, to St. Augustine, they were those aspects of him that had made him to live a wasted life in the past.  To you, what is that daily reminder that you have which keeps you moving forward in the faith without fainting?   This was exactly the same question which our Scripture reference asked in V.9: “How can a young man keep his life pure?” The answer was not far-fetched. Verse11 says, “I keep Your law in my heart, so that I will not sin against You.” Verse 13 went further to give us a clue: “I will repeat it aloud all the laws You have given me.” Friend of Jesus, “keeping the law of the Lord in the heart” indicates the very fact that at any moment of one’s life, the ways of God cannot be forgotten and again “repeating it aloud” connotes everything we do to keep our stand in the Lord.  We can leave a quotation or picture as the screensaver of our phones to constantly remind us of God. At a point in my life, I told myself, whenever I handle the phone, let my mind begin to reflect about God.  Our target, our profit, and the bottom line, is meeting God and remaining with Him eternally. We must strive to do whatever it takes to achieve that, so invent that which will keep you from straying.  God bless you.



Rev. 18: 1-2. 21-23; 19: 1-3. 9a; Ps 100: 1-2. 3. 4. 5; (Rev 19:9a); Accl Lk 21:28;  Lk 21: 20-28.



Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the good Lord for His mercies towards us.
  2. Lord, You know how I fear to stray from Your ways, please help me to remain in You always.
  3. In the name of Jesus, I uproot everything planted in my memory by the evil one to project me away from God’s presence. I sanctify my memory with the Blood of Jesus.
  4. Dear Holy Spirit, plant in my memory that which will keep reminding me not to stray in Jesus name.
  5. Take seriously and meditatively the prayer, “Stay with me O Lord” by Padre Pio in Section A.
  6. I receive the power to remain firm forever in Jesus name. Amen. (Seven times.)


Exercise:  Take daily for the next three days the prayer of “Self Surrender to God” and “Daily Consecration to God”.


Memory Verse: Joshua 1:8