Scriptural Reading: 2 Corinthians 13:14

Pope Francis says, The Holy Spirit can make people uncomfortable. Newness always makes us a bit fearful, because we feel more secured if we are the ones who build, program and plan our lives in accordance with our own ideas, our own comfort, and our own preferences.”  As we celebrate the reality of Pentecost in the lives of the Apostles, let us seek to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. We all want relationship with God, but how many of us know how to really fellowship with the Holy Spirit? Multitude of believers, never develop a relationship with the very one who dwells inside of them. So many of us feel like orphans all alone with no Father, no one to guide and help us through life.  The Holy Spirit wants our friendship! We are His temple (1 Cor. 3:9, 16-17; 6: 17, 19). He knows everything about everything. He wants to reveal the deep things of God to us (1 Cor. 2:9), and to give us His power and strength to live consecrated lives. A lady went to a jeweler to get her watch fixed. The jeweler disappeared and came back almost immediately with her watch running perfectly. She asked him, “How could you fix it in such a short time?” He told her that it only needed a small battery. All this time the lady had been trying to wind the watch. She didn’t know she only needed a battery to keep it running. This is so much like the Christian life. Many times we do not realize the inner power that we have in the Holy Spirit. He can run everything in our lives, but very often we think we have to take matters into our own hands. So we live a powerless life. The lack of reality, godliness, power, and fruit in our lives is due to unbelief and our lack of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We need to go deeper in partnership with the Holy Spirit if we want to live fulfilled Christian lives. Many of us are living life with a dead battery. We feel dead inside. We must begin fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. He will bring life to our hearts! He will show us the way to really live and find fulfillment.

Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit is not complicated. It’s all about a two-way dialogue. We learn to share our hearts freely with the Spirit. We start the conversation, and He speaks back to us. But we must stay engaged. He wants our hearts fully connected. Out of our abiding connection with the Holy Spirit will flow all the issues of life (love, joy, peace, etc.) or death (Proverbs 4:23, Song of Songs 4:12, 16; 5:1; 6:2, John 7:38) One way to enhance your fellowship with the Holy Spirit is by using these five practical phrases using the acrostic T-R-U-S-T.

T – Thank you -Thank the Holy Spirit for His indwelling presence. We approach God through thanksgiving (Psalm 100:1-5). Pray, “Thank you Holy Spirit for your presence in me, for your guidance, etc. I love your leadership…”

R – Release revelation – Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you His heart and open your eyes to the realm of His glory. Ephesians 1:17-19 is a great prayer to pray. Pray, “Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see the realm of God’s glory. Open the eyes of my understanding; give me the spirit of wisdom and understanding, etc.”

U – Use me – Ask the Holy Spirit to use you more and more. Put your sails up and expect Him to use you every day. Pray, “Thank you Holy Spirit for releasing your power and gifts through my life. Use me fully for your glory…”

S – Strengthen me – Ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen your mind, will, and emotions with His divine might so that you may contain more of His wisdom, fruit, and gifts. See Ephesians 3:16. Pray, “Thank you Holy Spirit for your love, patience, joy, etc. Increase my capacity to contain more of your wisdom, gifts, and fruit…”

T – Teach me – Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you about God’s Word and ways. Ask Him to manifest His leadership in every area of your life. He will order your steps and give you new and creative ideas. See John 14:26 and 16:13. Pray, “Holy Spirit let me see what you see and feel what you feel. Release it with power through my life…”

Exercise: Spend quality time in silence prayer / meditation with the Holy Spirit.

Memory Verse: 1 Corinthians 3:16