Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:1-3
Most times we often battle sin with our physical might and as such even when we make resolutions not to sin, we end up even sinning the more. The truth is that when the Holy Spirit truly lives in us, He cannot share our body with sin, sin must eventually give way. We have struggled and struggled to reject evil habits all to no avail. Our human nature would always like to sin than to endure sufferings by frustrating sin, so our struggle against sin will yield a positive result only if we have truly subjected ourselves to the control of the Holy Spirit. One great thing about the Holy Spirit with respect to our struggle against sin is that it gives us the firmness that the duration of temptations and trials cannot break. One good thing is that the Holy Spirit gives us a desire that contradicts the desires of the flesh as they well up in us. A story was told of a minister of God; he was a decade old in the ministry, but His love for the Lord grew cold two years into his ministry. Although he is a minister, his whole life was being manipulated by the world. On one of the occasions when he attended a retreat, the Lord arrested him. He narrates his experience thus: “As the young man was preaching, I felt a strange sensation; my whole body felt warm and I began to tremble slightly. Then I had an overwhelming sense of the presence of the Lord. It seemed as though the Lord was coming towards me. The closer he became the more my body trembled. The young man was still speaking, but I was so caught up in what I was experiencing that I did not even notice what else was going on around me. As the Lord drew near I became very conscious of my sins; it felt like a physical weight pressing down on me. It became so intense I literally fell to the ground. The weight on me was so heavy I could not move. Then I heard the Lord say, ‘Repent’. When I heard these words, I was filled with fear of God. All my sins flashed before me. I felt a profound conviction for my sins; I saw how dark it was. Then, spontaneously, I began to repent.”
MASS: WHITE 2 Sam 7: 4-5a. 12-14a. 16; Ps 89: 2-3. 4-5. 27. 29 (R.37a); Rom 4: 13. 16-18. 22; Accl. Ps 84:4; Mt 1: 16. 18-21. 24a or Lk 2: 41-51a ST. JOSEPH HUSBAND OF B.V.M (SOLEMNITY)

Prayer Points:
1. O Lord, assist me with the struggle against sin through the power of the Holy Spirit.
2. Every seed of sin in my life, wither by the Fire of the Holy Spirit.
3. Pray seriously for all ministers of God that have been injured by sin, that they will receive the power today to forsake their sins.
Exercise: Get the book, Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye and meditatively read it. Also Join the Daily Strength Prayer Network (DSPN) every Tuesday early morning prayer session. (Time: 1.00am to 2.00am). Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber.
DSPN Prayer Points
1. Take the General Prayer of Faith in AMEN IT IS DONE, page 10.
2. Pray as the Spirit directs you.