Scripture Reading: Haggai 2:6-9

“A little while now, and I will fill this temple with glory.” The Israelites were held captives in Babylon because they abandoned their God. The postexilic period represents a time when they tried to rebuild their union with God. One of it is rebuilding the Temple. The Temple stands as the place of union of God and man. In our days we consider the Church and more so our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 6:19). For God to fill ‘Our Body’ with His glory, then our body must necessarily be devoid of all forms of human glory and vices. To devoid ourselves of all human glory means we must proceed by way of renunciation and self-mortification and put to death in us all desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21).

In our academics, do we engage in malpractice to get a better result or do we trust fully in God while putting our best in preparation? Do we tell lies to gain favour or bear false witness just to malign another person? Do we patiently wait on God and ask for guidance or do we go about doing things and planning our life as if we own it? Do we intentionally deceive others in our words and actions to gain something from them? Are we faithful with what is kept in our custody especially money or do we misappropriate them to help ourselves? Every hour we are in danger of falling into sin and saying No to God, however we beg Him not to leave us defenceless in the hour of temptation. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was tempted, knows that we are weak human beings, who have little strength of our own with which to oppose the evil one. He graciously gives us the petition from Our father, which teaches us to trust in God’s assistance in the hour of trial.

Dear friends, let us examine our lives and see where we are seeking our own human glory rather than that God. Let us surrender them back to God and pray for His glory to fill us.

MASS: RED ST CORNELIUS, PP & ST CYPRIAN, B.M. (MEMORIAL) 1 Cor 12:31-13:13 Ps 33:2-3.4-5.12.22(R.12b) Accl Jn 6:63c.68c Gospel Lk 7:31-35

Prayer Points:

1.         Lord by your grace I put to death in me all desires of the flesh and help me live by your Spirit

2.         Father God, let everything that will cut short Your glory in my life be destroyed. Let Your glory be restored upon my life. Father show me Your glory. I command every power that will not allow me to enter into Your glory to be destroyed in the Name of Jesus the Lord.

Exercise: Pray with Exodus 33:18

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Meditation: Galatians 5:16